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I would say it seemed much more like they were trying very hard well, kind of to make it seem like it was no big deal but then what emotion were they hiding? Was it fear or amusement or disgust or I had no part in encouraging it but should I have told them to leave to rescue THEM from the situation? if it's nbd thing then i think you overthinking it may be making it a big deal thing? One is blood and the other is a sister by marriage that i live with so definitely no on that front.

I could hear them giggling and talking to each other about my dick.

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I was super hard by then. I heard them come into the house. They tripped the lock on they bathroom door and threw it open. They took turns walking back and forth by the door looking in at me and giggling.

I stood at the sink with my dick sticking straight out and made no effort to cover it. They stopped walking by the door but I could hear them giggling in the bedroom.

I walked into the bedroom still completely naked with my big hard dick wobbling around. They gd and giggled like crazy.

My sister dared two of her friends to take a shower with me. So, with that being said, I took a 10 minute shower with two of my sister's friends. No sexual contact was involved, we all just took a shower together XD. That's the first time I saw someone naked and that's the first time they saw me naked Growing up my sister and I were a year apart and we had a normal bond right around the time when we hit puberty I seen her walking out of the bathroom she just got out of the shower and I saw her naked we both got embarrassed and said sorry to each other and went into our rooms at that point I had never seen a girl naked before and when it happened I got really turned on and instantly started

I started going naked around them a lot after that. Eventually, they began playing naked with me too. thisGUYknows opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

First time I saw a girl naked was at the beach when I was like She was changing in or out of her bikini, sitting in the trunk of an suv.

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She was totally naked and didn't care there were people walking by! She was probably European lol. The cops came by later lol. First person who saw me naked was my first gf. First person to see my ass tho was my best friend who was a girl. Walked in my room when I was changing after a shower.

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Titanic 4. My sister and I were naked together before. We loved giving each other massages. We were completely butt-naked. We massaged each other's back and each other's butts. She kinda giggled when I finished massaging her butt and she saw my penis fully erect.

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We haven't been naked together since. My best friend pulled my bikini bottoms all the way down to my ankles in front of this group of boys we knew and they all saw my bare butt. That was the first time I was ever naked in front of anyone, it was so embarrassing. I even had a crush on one of the guys there. delrey Xper 6. I was at the beach one time I was in the water and a big wave crashed down on me and it pulled my swimming trunks all the way down to my ankles I'm like oh shit I quickly react to pull my swimming trunks oops too late I spotted 2 girls cking out my white ass, good thing I wasn't facing the other direction LOLOL!

And girls probably seen my ass other times I don't remember.

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I've never seen a girl naked sadly :'. oncpl. She was in her room ready to change clothes when I entered.

She warned me to come after knocking at the door. Dallsimo 2K opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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Xper 7. As there's only open showers which all the moms and kids use i shower with my bathing suit on but i tell my son to shower nude so he gets properly cleaned. Would any females be embarrassed to see him nude?

Share Facebook. At the local pool my son 1 showers nude in the family change rooms would any of you ladies be embarrassed by this? Add Opinion. I think 1 is too old.

I had my first kiss when I was it's ok for little children to go with their mother. I would be fine seeing him naked, however teenagers clearly already know what sex is and have a few dirty thoughts so I would be embarrassed by him seeing me nude.

Im a 40 year old single mom, in the family change rooms there are some stalls to change in which i use my son changes in the open bens. As there's only open showers which all the moms and kids use i shower with my bathing suit on but i tell my son to shower nude so he gets properly cleaned WWE star Charlotte Flair, daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair, recently shared pictures from her photo shoot for ESPN Magazine's Body Issue. The professional wrestler stripped down and posed completely nude in the photos, with the exception of her personalized footwear I broke my leg and arm and have a cast that goes to mid-thigh. While taking a shower I fell hard and when my mom asked if I wanted her to come in I said "no, but I need help." Next thing I know, my female cousin and step-sister were in the bathroom (my mom sent them) and could see "everything

He's not a man, but you know he's not a child anymore either. He can shower fine by himself, in the men's shower room I also remember one time, I must have been around 7 or 8 and my dad didn't want to let me go by myself, so had to go with him to men's shower room and even at that age it was awkward. Sally u should give him a hand job each day help him grow.

Show All Show Less. Is he 1? It sounds embarrassing for both actually, him and other moms.

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And you're also seeing him naked? It's also kinda double standard, you shower with your bathing suit on, but he showers naked to get properly clean? yesmylove Xper 7. Why do you want other peoples opinion if you clearly think it's okay and will continue to do it?

We will continue to do it I was just curious to get other ladies thoughts. I know i'm not female but it's fine a lot off kids and adults shower naked in the mixed gender showers no one takes any notice.

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it's just a shame off the ones that see being nude or naked as a sexual thing when it's not like that at all. I would not worry about it if i was you there don't have to look if their don't like it. linuk Xper 4.

I would say 1 is WAY to old to be using the family locker room, most kids stop using them at or younger than 6. Let him use the men's he will feal more comfortable.

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But you are the parent and may have a reason for him to use the family locker. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion?

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Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. ryaninalaska Xper. I dont see anything wrong with it me being a guy has nothing to do with how I fell on this so that being said.

So you said your sun is now 1 and tell him to get full naked so he get cleaner better where there is others kids girls and boys and other mom but you stay in your bathing suit and shower.

To me t hat does not make any since cause you his mom tell your 1 year old sun to gett fully naked to shower where there are other boys and also girls and others moms fully naked that his see.

But you his mom see your 1 year old sun fully nude but you shower in your bathing suit and not let your 1 year old sun see you his mom fully nude when you let your 1 year old sun see other moms fully nude so me that makes no since. Not to me, I remember the days my mom took me and my brothers and sisters to the YMCA to take showers because her crack headed ass spent the bill money on drinks and smokes and drugs.

Nothing is embarrassing to me though, I was "big" for my age as a kid so I actually made my brothers uncomfortable. Citizenkirk Explorer. What was my mom thinking sending them in?

My cousin told my step-sister to handle drying me off cause it would be too weird for her.

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Should I feel as super embarrassed as I do? Vote A. I would help but it would be SUPER awkward. Vote B. Vote C. Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your vote:.

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Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Fell in shower and female cousin saw me naked? Add Opinion. ksmiller 75 opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic.

Xper 6.

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It wouldn't have bothered me or been a big deal to me. It's just the male anatomy. People's outlook on the situation would depend on their views of nudity and how comfortable they are with naked bodies. HerLucidNightt Xper 6. why did she have to help you dry yourself?

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