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Ancient Egypt, as we think of it today, began in B. when farmers began to establish small villages on the banks of the Nile, according to the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. For thousands of years, this society flourished. Ancient Egyptians built great pyramids and temples that continue to be marvels of engineering and developed hieroglyphics, a complex system of writing. Various pharaohs, kings and queens ruled Egypt until Cleopatra VII died in 0 B. Girls held important roles in ancient Egypt and could grow up to occupy high ranks in society, as Cleopatra did.

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According to prosecutors, a young man, pretending to console Ms. Khamees, walked her into a room, held a razor to her face and raped her. She went to a police station, battered and bruised, and was turned away, told to go to a different one.

With no family to look to for support, she said she felt abandoned and alone. So she turned to her virtual world. Looking directly into a phone, her eyes blackened, her face cut, she broadcast an account of her attack on TikTok, where she had hundreds of thousands of followers.

The video went viral, and within days the police had rounded up the entire group - the accused rapist, the other party guests, and Ms. But as the video continued to garner views online, a hashtag campaign arose demanding justice, and her case became the subject of the TV news and talk shows. After a three-month probation, during which she was required to complete a rehabilitation program, the charges were dropped.

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Khamees said in an interview. A generation of young women who have found new freedoms online and a voice on social media are challenging the old guard of a socially conservative, patriarchal state that policed the morality of women while allowing crimes against them to go unpunished.

CAIRO - It was a party Aya Khamees has tried hard to forget. One evening in May, the year-old woman met up with a few friends, and a few of their friends, at a seedy hotel outside Cairo, not far A YEAR-OLD girl is being charged with murder after stabbing her alleged rapist to death. In July, the teen made headlines after she confessed to cops that she knifed a bus driver to death who sh Teenage Life in Egypt Egyptian teenagers sometimes socialize in groups and sometimes one-on-one. Egyptian teens think of peers as friends, the concept of friends is "people you know," and usually teens have from two to five very close friends. Sometimes Egyptian teenagers share money with each other

Her case was the leading edge of a moment that seemed to burst out of nowhere all at once. In July, dozens of women went public with accusations in a serial assault case, leading to an arrest and prosecution.

In another high-profile case, a woman testified against a group of wealthy young men, accusing them of gang-raping her years ago in a five-star hotel. And hundreds of reports poured into the National Council for Women with accusations of assaults.

It had been brewing quietly on social media, one of the few remaining precincts of free expression under the rule of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, whose government tightly controls traditional media like television and newspapers. The women often wear trendy clothes that push the boundaries of what most Egyptian women can wear in public, and the most popular accounts have amassed millions of followers.

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Egyptian prosecutors convicted at least nine TikTok stars this year, all women, of violating family values, sentencing them to at least two years in prison. com the death was the result of an asthma attack.

May she rest in peace. Gamaleldin, whose name is also listed as Nelly Ahmed Gamal Eldin in St. com graduation recordsdied on Oct. A student at St. She was selfless and hardworking," the fundraiser continued.

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May she rest in sweetest peace. Tributes on Facebook and Twitter poured in for Gamaleldin over the past few days, and emails sent to the communities of the schools she attended mourned her loss.

Various pharaohs, kings and queens ruled Egypt until Cleopatra VII died in 0 B. Girls held important roles in ancient Egypt and could grow up to occupy high ranks in society, as Cleopatra did.

Young Egyptian girls, Ramadi village, Nile Valley between Luxor and Aswan, Egypt, North Africa, Africa Boating and snorkeling the Red Sea, off of the coast of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Teenage Girl Madinet Habu Egypt Image from the southern Sinai Desert, on an El Girls were also expected to help raise the other children in their households. No girls received formal schooling in ancient Egypt, but some girls in the upper classes were able to read and write, indicating they had some form of tutoring. Marriage. Girls were considered ready for marriage not long after they began menstruating Girl, 5, has intestines sucked from her body in horrific swimming pool incident leaving her unable to eat While on holiday with her family in Egypt aged just five, Salma went to play in the

Family was very important in ancient Egyptian society, and girls were valued just as highly as boys. Children respected their parents and gave equal importance to the lineages of their mothers and fathers when tracing their heritage. Parents doted on their children and celebrated childbirth.

However, infant mortality was presumed to be high in ancient Egypt because of unsanitary conditions and only a basic understanding of disease. Mothers often nursed children until they were at least four years old to help protect them from illness.

CAIRO (AP) - The prosecution of a year-old girl who killed a bus driver after he allegedly tried to rape her has reignited debate over the treatment of women in Egypt's legal system, including the practice of virginity tests and blaming victims of sexual violence Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content Staten Island teen dies suddenly in Egypt, leaves community reeling ated Oct 21, ; Posted Oct 21, Nelly Gamaleldin, 18, died in Egypt on Oct. 15, according to posts online

Dolls and toys were abundant in Ancient Egypt, as evidenced by the many toys found in tombs. Wooden carvings of animals that could be pulled by a string were popular, as were dolls made of wood, clay and fiber.

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As girls grew older, they were expected to shadow their mothers and help with household chores. They would spend free time swimming and playing several board games, including senet and mehen.

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