The next orientation is November 14, 2020, 10:00 - 12:00 pm. via Zoom until further notice. All orientations are available in Spanish. RSVP at [email protected] or (775) 337-4470.


Who We Are

Our mission is to provide safe and stable foster and adoptive homes for kids in Washoe County Foster Care. However, we can only achieve our mission through the help and support of people like you.

What We Do

Our purpose is to ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of children who either temporarily or permanently cannot be safely maintained in their own homes. We believe children deserve a loving and caring environment to live in, which is why we take such care to match children with foster and adoptive families who are best able to meet their needs.


Help children who would not otherwise have a family life, become members of a family that can give them the love, care, protection and opportunities essential for their healthy personal growth and development. Learn more about adoption and how you can be a hero to a child or teenager.


There are approximately 800 children in the Washoe County Human Services Agency Foster System and fewer than 400 foster families. You can help fill this void and make a difference in a child’s life. Learn more on how to become a licensed foster parent.


Just an hour or more of your time each week can make a huge difference to a foster child. As a mentor, you will become a role model and friend to them. Start making a difference today.


Our volunteers are essential in keeping our many services going. We are happy to discuss with you how your skills and talents can best help the “Have a Heart” program and the children we serve.

Are you ready?   

Meet Ahmaad

Ahmaad enjoys being outdoors and doing related activities, such as swimming and camping.  He also loves watching T.V. shows such as Paw Patrol; as well as, listening to music with a strong beat (i.e. Reggae and Hip-Hop).  He really likes when someone sings for him. In terms of food preferences, Ahmaad is not a picky…

Meet Alex

Alex is a self-described “clean freak”.  He would also fall under the artsy category if you asked him.  He loves to sing and write poetry and is currently teaching himself to play guitar.  Alex finds joy in swimming and building things such as bicycles.  He is taking a cooking class in school right now and…

Meet Ayden

Ayden is a bright little boy who is an excellent self-advocate and works hard to achieve his goals. He enjoys building Legos, playing on his tablet, reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and writing. Some of his favorite foods are pizza and ice cream.  Ayden is a great singer and hopes to join the school…

Meet Da’Michael, Michae’la, and Mi'Layah

Da'Michael, Michae'la and Mi'Layah are sweet, funny and wonderful kids.  Da' Michael is a creative and playful big brother who enjoys school, is eager to please and thrives on positivity.  Michae'la is very bright and sharp witted.  She has a bubbly personality with a constant smile that can light up a room.  She likes to…

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Children Available for Adoption in Washoe County.

HSA strives to find permanent placements for children in the foster care system. Many more children are free for adoption other than those you see here; however, these featured children are available and so excited to find a forever family!