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Below are average adult human heights by country or geographical region. The original studies and sources should be consulted for details on methodology and the exact populations measured, surveyed, or considered. The following study uses a Bayesian hierarchical model to estimate the trends from to in mean height and mean BMI in 1-year age groups for ages years across countries. All information is based on a study by NCD Risk Factor Collaboration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of average human height worldwide.

Ministerio de Salud de Argentina. Archived from the original on 1 May Archivos Argentinos de Pediatria in Spanish.

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National Statistical Institute Bulgaria. BMC Public Health. Health Reports. Archived from the original on 12 March Retrieved 21 January ???????? ?22?. Medical Journal of Wuhan University.

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Paper prepared for The Fifth World Congress of Cliometrics, Venice International University, Venice, Italy, July Collegium Antropologicum. II Encuesta de Factores de Riesgo para la Salud y Enfermedades no Transmisibles, in Spanish. Oficina Nacional de Estadisticas de Cuba. PLOS One. Forsvarets rekruttering, Kingdom of Denmark. Retrieved 1 October Comptes Rendus Biologies in French.

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a. la chica es alta The girl is tall, but her parents are very chica es alta, pero sus padres son muy bajos. b. la muchacha es alta The girl is tall and has long blonde muchacha es alta y tiene el pelo largo y rubio Featuring the tall girl(s) from next door ; Lindsay Kay Hayward, 6'8 1/4" ; What women are saying about their height ; Popular Tags. Tall Tall Women Tall Woman Tall Problems Clothes Clothing Apparel Footwear Shoes Famous Tall Ladies Tallest Women United States International Tall Woman of the Month US Size 11 4 ins US Size 12 Denim Fashion Highly Recommended Store. Facebook /5(12) Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over other languages

Korean Statistical Information Service. Retrieved 1 July Stature and its Estimation Utilizing Arm Span Measurements in Kosovan Adults: National Survey. NCD Risk Factor Collaboration NCD-RisC. The first measurement presumably took place in and the average height of the conscripts was When they measured the same group after a year, the mean height of the conscripts was Anthropologisr Anzeiger.

JSTOR June East African Medical Journal. The Medical Journal of Malaysia. Archived from the original on 2 October American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Total Visitor Info IP: Ekaterina Lisina, 6'9".

Hits: Caroline Welz, 6'9". Kara Wolters, 6'7". Chantelle Anderson, 6'6". Colleen Smith, 6'6". Yvetta Hlavacova, 6'5". Chase Kennedy, 6'5". Lisa Leslie, 6'5". The Basque movie Handia is based on his life. Puerto Rico.

Tallest man in India. Soviet Union. Soviet basketball player. He was billed as cm 10 ft in his life. Tallest Croat recorded.

Tallest person of Austria-Hungary of his time. Tallest confirmed man living in Pakistan.

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Second tallest man in the Netherlands; he was known as the giant of Rotterdam. Early Junea life-size statue of Rijnhout was unveiled in the Oude Westen district in Rotterdam. Tallest living Brazilian. Tallest person in Michigan history and one of the tallest men in the world during his lifetime. He may have been 8 ft 1 in cm tall.

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United Kingdom. Tallest "true" giant not due to a pathological condition. Tallest recorded man from the United Kingdom.

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Height disputed between 7 ft 8. Martin Van Buren Bates. Known as the Kentucky Giant or The Giant of the Hills. Tallest man in Germany while he was alive.


Tallest man in Algeria while he was alive. Considered the tallest living person by Guinness World Records until September when he was replaced by Sultan Kosen. Listed by Guinness World Records as tallest man until 15 Januarybefore Bao Xishun and Sun Mingming.

Tallest man in Brazil. Tallest man in Russia. North Korea. United States Ukraine. Currently the tallest person living in the United States.

Originally from Ukraine, moved to Roster, Minnesota to be treated at the Mayo Clinic. Most recently has been acting in commercials and movies.

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Took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, as one of the performers on the stage representing Ukraine. Inthe tallest teenager in the United States. Was 7 ft 8 in cm but shrank to 7 ft 0 in cm when his legs were replaced with artificial legs 8. Former tallest Indian. Ivory Coast. Tallest man in Ivory Coast. Professional Basketball Player [41]. George Bell.

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Former Tallest living American. Tallest living Fijian. Only person known to have been both a dwarf and giant. He was cm ft 10 in tall at age 21 and peaked at cm 7 ft 8 in when he died, having doubled his height as an adult. Pakistani, considered to be the tallest living man when he died in Johann K. Tallest living Japanese. Tallest basketball player drafted in NBA history. Austrian Empire. One of the tallest people in his time. Spain's tallest man in his lifetime.

Circus performer. Tallest man in Spain at the time of his death. Tallest NCAA Division I basketball player.

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Known for his role Mag the Mighty for the HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Tallest man in Japan; no color images of him exist even though he died in the s. Asia's tallest man in Jorge Gonzalez.

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Tied for the tallest player to play college basketball in the U. Second-tallest NCAA Division I basketball player Neil Fingleton. He played the robot in the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Skeleton now resides in the Hunterian Museum. Actor and pro wrestler. Listed by Guinness World Records at 7 ft 7 in cmclaimed 8 ft 1 in cm. Tied for tallest in National Basketball Association NBA history. Romanian basketball player who was 2. Tied for tallest in NBA history.

Tallest man in Armenia. Tallest man in Azerbaijan. Tallest living Belgian. Tallest Montenegrin basketball player in the national basketball team, former player in the NBA.

Was the tallest man in Vietnam when he died in [6]. Tallest basketball player in Senegal. Former basketball player of Club Baloncesto Breogan of Lugo.

Billed as 7 ft 6 in cm. Was the tallest player in the NBA during his playing years until his retirement in United States Germany.

she is tall (shiihztal) A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time). phrase. 1. (general) a. es alta. She is tall, but everyone else in her family is es alta, pero los otros integrantes de su familia son bajitos. Copyright Curiosity Media Inc Accuracy. As with any statistical data, the accuracy of such data may be questionable for various reasons: Some studies may allow subjects to self-report values. Generally speaking, self-reported height tends to be taller than its measured height, although the overestimation of height depends on the reporting subject's height, age, gender and region He was cm ( ft 10 in) tall at age 21 and peaked at cm (7 ft 8 in) when he died, having doubled his height as an adult. - (51) Pakistan: cm: 7 ft 8 in: Alam Channa: Pakistani, considered to be the tallest living man when he died in - (46) Iceland: cm: 7 ft 8 in: Johann K. Petursson: Was the tallest person in Iceland. - (71) Japan: cm

Former player in the NBA- tallest living German holding dual citizenship. Was the world's tallest actor when he died in Mamadou N'Diaye. Was the tallest in high school and college basketball while playing in the USA tied for tallest with Tacko Fall in his final college season in - He was listed in the Bernard L. Kobel Catalogue of Human Oddities of Circus Sideshows.

Tallest basketball player in Russia. Fermin Arrudi Urieta. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Tallest basketball player in DRC [74].

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Tallest man in Poland while he was alive. Tallest living Colombian. Tied for tallest South American man with Margarito Machacuay [76]. Tallest basketball player in the Slovak Republic. Tied for the tallest South American person with Asdrubal Herrera and is the fifth-tallest in the Americas. Currently the tallest player in the NBA since being signed by the Celtics in Tallest man in Italy and Malta. Tallest man in Nigeria. Tallest Nazi soldier in World War II [84] [85] World's tallest man at the time.

wbacca actor in the Star Wars franchise. Tallest man in Malaysia.

The tallest woman in history; her height is disputed or unconfirmed. Confirmed by Guinness World Records as tallest female recorded. Suffered from spine curvature and could not stand at full height.

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Tallest recorded Chinese person and world's tallest person shortly before her death. She is the only woman verified to have read 8 feet cm tall. Second tallest woman and tallest woman in her lifetime.

She and Martin Van Buren Bates were the tallest married couple. Tallest recorded English person and possibly the world's tallest person at the time of her death. Given height is adjusted for spinal curvature; maximum standing height was 7 ft 10 in cm.

Listed as tallest living female by Guinness World Records, and the tallest American woman, until her death on 1 August Tallest woman in Greece. World's tallest living woman. Tallest professional women's basketball player. Declared world's tallest woman in [95]. Tallest living woman in Turkey, and previously world's tallest female teenager [96] [97]. Height estimate based on bone fragments found at the Neolithic cemetery of Castelnau-le-Lez, excavated in by Georges Var de Lapouge and published in the journal La NatureVol.

John Middleton The Childe of Hale. Written on his grave is Here lyeth the bodie of John Middleton, the Childe of Hale, nine feet three. Height not confirmed officially.

American silent movie actor, height is not confirmed officially. His skeleton was measured at 7 ft 2. Claimed to measure cm 8 ft 10 in at age 26 in September Claimed 8 ft 10 in cmbut was later measured at 7 ft 11 in cm. Claimed 8 ft 10 in cmbut was later measured at 7 ft.

Height is not confirmed officially. When he was admitted to hospital in he was found to be only 7 ft 2. Refused to undergo independent testing using Guinness World Records rules, so his claim is not recognized by Guinness World Records. Claims actually to be 8 feet 4 ins cmbut this is unverified by Guinness World Records.

He claims that he is still growing. Tallest recorded woman. Not confirmed by Guinness World Records. Claims 8 feet 4 ins cmhowever measured at 7 feet 4.

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