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Old men wearing panjabi robes stroked their beards. Pot-bellied middle-aged men pushed their sunglasses up onto their foreheads. Boys took off their skullcaps, scratching their heads. They all stared at a bizarre sight: the Bangladesh Girls and Boys Surf Club. Nine girls and 1 boys stood at parade attention, propping up foam-top surfboards.

The Brazilian big-wave surfer is reflecting on the events of 11 Februarywhen she rode a monstrous It set the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman.

It was also the biggest wave surfed by anyone, male or female, for the season - the first time this feat has been achieved by a woman. Watching footage of the ride, part of the Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge, induces goosebumps and gritted teeth: the 5ft 5in surfer, a crouching speck, slices through a wall of water the height of a seven-storey building; white horses gallop at her heels as the wave crashes violently behind her.

The triumph of a female athlete in any open competition - something occasionally seen in ultra-marathon running or endurance swimming - is significant. That it happened in big-wave surfing, one of the most macho, testosterone-fuelled sports on the planet, is stunning. The year-old is speaking from her home in Nazare, a fishing village north of Lisbon. She has a broad smile and a raspy, sun-baked voice; a rack of surfboards sits behind her. For years they have been navigating a sea of unequal pay, limited opportunities and media objectification, fighting for the chance to make a career out of doing what they love.

Progress has been made.

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Much is still to be done. They are heavily outnumbered by men: there are close to male professionals.

A SURFER who was infected with coronavirus arrested on a Spanish beach had taken her child to school that same morning before going into the sea Dec 28, - If you are forced to stretch outside your Comfort zone then you are forced to expand your consciousness. The most righteous surfer girl gallery brah! (47 Photos) Saved by the CHIVE. 8. Style Ibiza Surf Style Surfer Girls Surf Kunst Makeup Elf Surf Bikini Bikini Girls Wearing nothing but a bikini, a pair of denim hot pants and trainers, the woman is lifted up by her feet a flung into the crowd. The woman flips onto her back with her hands in the air, and

Big-wave surfing is a separate discipline from regular surfing, which attracts more eyeballs, will soon join the Olympics and is headlined by household names like Stephanie Gilmore and Kelly Slater. Big-wave is the unruly cousin - less commercial, more extreme.

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To be a big-wave surfer is to spend most of your time training and most of the rest of your time scanning weather forecasts and tracking down heavy swell. In Hawaii, giant might only happen once a year, if at all.

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It takes an enormous amount of effort to be in the right place for that special wave. And icy nerves to capitalise when it finally arrives. Lauren Hill, a surf journalist and the author of She Surf: The Rise of Female Surfinglikens big-wave surfers to endurance runners.

The women speak with a cult-like reverence for their sport. One of those lessons almost cost Gabeira her life. In she nearly drowned after a wipe-out at Nazare.

Carlos Burle, her tow partner, found her floating face-down. In part, owing to its extreme physicality, big-wave surfing is far more male-dominated than regular surfing. This takes its toll. I have to be on top of my game and mentally sharp in a sport that counts force and testosterone and power. Half a century on, female athletes can cite countless examples of sexism in the line-up.

She worked on her mindset with sports psychologists.

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However, the culture has improved significantly in the past couple of years. CNN speaks to family of Canadian detained by Beijing. Khin Myo Chit was shot dead in her father's arms after security forces kicked down the door to their home in the city of Mandalay on Tuesday. She is the youngest victim yet in the military's post-coup crackdown.

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Earlier reports said Khin Myo Chit was 7 years ol but her family confirmed Thursday she was only 6. I ran and was carrying her and could not even take a look at them security forces after she was shot," her father told Reuters. Khin Myo Chit was rushed to an emergency clinic, one of many set up by doctors and nurses to care for protesters unable to attend hospitals now occupied by the military.

The doctor who received her said the girl had already died before she arrived at the clinic at around 6 p. local time. Read More. And what sin have we committed?

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And what has the child done? CNN is not naming the father, sister or doctor for security reasons. While in the house, the sister said security forces took away her brother. They have no information as to his whereabouts or even if he is alive. We have no information from him yet," she said. This undated handout picture shows 6-year-old Khin Myo Chit who was shot at her home during protests against military coup in Mandalay, Myanmar.

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More than 20 children killed. Myanmar was thrown into turmoil when the military, headed by coup leader Gen. Min Aung Hlaingseized power last month, overturning a democratic election, detaining civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyiand establishing a ruling military junta. Anti-coup protests and strikes have since gripped the nation but are being violently suppressed by the junta's police forces and military soldiers, with widespread reports of shootings, enforced disappearances and torture of political prisoners.

At least people have been killed in the bloody crackdown, according to advocacy group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners AAPPthough activists say the death toll is likely much higher. More than 20 of those deaths are children, humanitarian organization Save the Children said. Many residents in towns and cities across the country live in fear of being dragged out of their homes in nighttime raids by security forces.

Almostpeople have been detained since February 1, according to AAPP. Many of them are young people and students and their families often have no idea where they are being held or what condition they are in. Families of the dead are also worried soldiers will return to seize the body of their loved ones, as they have done before. It's not clear why the junta would want the bodies, but some families suspect they want to cover up the military's role in their deaths.

She was shot dead, her body dug up and her grave filled with cement. But her fight is not over.

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Worried the military would attempt to seize Khin Myo Chit's body, her sister said they had difficulty burying her according to the Muslim tradition. The family have been unable to mourn the young child properly.

The Brazilian big-wave surfer is reflecting on the events of 11 February , when she rode a monstrous m (ft) wave at Nazare in Portugal. She describes as addictive the "forced Roxy surf squad, Keila, Monyca and Bruna. Photo courtesy Roxy. Words by Corinne Evans. Every year women's surfing grows bigger and bigger and with more women participating in the sport than ever all eyes are on the world surfing elite to pave the way for the next generation of female surfers Surfer girls know that the best waves don't come easily. From a young age, I learned to go stroke-for-stroke with wannabe-Rick-Kanes. Rather, it forced me to develop a heightened

Instead, they have been forced to leave their home and keep watching over their shoulders, terrified they may be picked up by junta forces. Photos: Unrest in Myanmar. Smoke rises after protesters burn tires in Thaketa Township, Yangon, on March Hide Caption. Protesters make incendiary devices during a rally against the military coup in Yangon on March Smoke rises over Thaketa township in Yangon on March Mourners attend the funeral of Tin Hla, 4, who was reportedly shot dead by security forces during a protest in Thanlyin township on March Family members cry after a relative was shot during a crackdown on anti-coup protesters in Yangon, Myanmar, on Saturday, March Protesters occupy a street during a rally against the military coup on March 27 in Yangon.

Anti-coup protesters gesture during a march in Yangon, Myanmar, on Friday, March Men pray during the funeral of Khin Myo Chit, a 7-year-old girl who was shot in her home by Myanmar's security forces on Tuesday, March The girl was killed during a military raid, according to the Reuters news agency and the advocacy group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Thein Zaw, a journalist with the Associated Press, waves after being released from a prison in Yangon on March He was detained last month while covering an anti-coup protest.

A Buddhist monk uses binoculars as he squats behind a road barricade with others in Mandalay, Myanmar, on Monday, March The mother of Aung Kaung Htet wails during the teenage boy's funeral on Sunday, March Aung, 15, was killed when military junta forces opened fire on anti-coup protesters in Yangon.

Unidentified people cross the Tiau River at the India-Myanmar border on Saturday, March Some people from Myanmar have sought refuge in India since the protests began. An anti-coup protester jumps over a makeshift barricade in Yangon on March Protesters take positions on Yangon's Bayint Naung Bridge on March The bridge was blocked with an improvised barricade to prevent security forces from crossing.

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Medical students hold up the three-finger salute at the Yangon funeral of Khant Nyar Hein on March The first-year medical student was fatally shot during the crackdown. Protesters test Molotov cocktails in Yangon on March Protesters stand near burning tires in Yangon on March Anti-coup protesters pray in Yangon on March Emergency workers transport the body of Shel Ye Win, who was shot by security forces in Mandalay.

Smoke billows from the industrial zone of the Hlaing Tharyar township in Yangon on March The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar said several Chinese-funded factories were set ablaze during protests. Demonstrators have accused Beijing of supporting the coup and junta. A member of Myanmar's police is seen firing a weapon toward protesters in Yangon on March People lay flowers and light candles beside bloodied pavement where protester Chit Min Thu was killed in Yangon.

Learning to surf transformed the lives of a group of Bangladeshi girls-and forced them to fight against constant sexual harassment. After they attracted a deluge of Western media attention, the Grieving family of young girl shot dead by Myanmar's military forced into hiding By Helen Regan, Paula Hancocks and Salai TZ, CNN ated AM ET, Fri March 26, AUSSIE surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey has surprised fans by opening an adults-only website. Ellie-Jean, 25, revealed a subscription-based channel akin to the growing OnlyFans website. For just over ?5

Military trucks are seen near a burning barricade in Yangon that was erected by protesters and then set on fire by soldiers on March A protester holds a homemade shield during an anti-coup demonstration in Yangon on March 9. A protester discharges a fire extinguisher to counter the impact of tear gas that was fired by police in Yangon on March 8.

Protesters string up longyi, traditional clothing worn in Myanmar, during a demonstration in Yangon on March 7. The wife of Phoe Chit, a protester who died during a demonstration, cries over her husband's coffin during his funeral in Yangon on March 5.

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Protesters step on portraits of Myanmar's armed forces chief, Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, during a demonstration in Yangon on March 5. People cry in Yangon on March 4, near a spot where a family member was killed while protesting.

Surfer Girl - Hero (New Song 2020 / Lyrics)

Protesters lie on the ground after police opened fire to disperse an anti-coup demonstration in Mandalay on March. Schooltears wear traditional hats while participating in an anti-coup demonstration in Mandalay on March.

A soldier stands next to a detained man during a demonstration in Mandalay on March. Anti-coup protesters run in Yangon on March. One of them discharged a fire extinguisher to counter the impact of tear gas fired by police. An anti-coup protester writes vital emergency information of another protester on his arm in Yangon.

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Police run toward protesters to disperse a demonstration in Yangon on March. A citizen of Myanmar living in India burns a poster of Myanmar's military chief during a protest in New Delhi on March.

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Medics help supply oxygen to a protester who was exposed to tear gas in Yangon on March. Protesters flee after tear gas was fired during a demonstration in Yangon on March 1.

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Protesters smoke behind shields during a demonstration in Yangon on March 1. Protesters in Yangon run away from tear gas on March 1. People in Yangon take part in a ceremony on February 28 to remember those who have been killed during demonstrations.

Soldiers patrol during a protest in Yangon on February Protesters take cover as they clash with police in Yangon on February Protesters erect barricades during a demonstration in Yangon on February

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