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Fox News Flash top headlines for Dec. ck out what's clicking on Foxnews. A Virginia policy that allowed prison officials to strip-search an 8-year-old girl visiting her incarcerated father has been ordered suspended by the governor. Ralph Northam said Friday. The girl went to the Buckingham Correctional Center in Dillwyn, Va.

Turner student claims she was strip searched

The girl went to the Buckingham Correctional Center in Dillwyn, Va. Peerman is the girlfriend of the girl's father and went with her to the prison. She was told to sign a consent form for the girl's strip-search even though the form can only be signed by a child's legal guardian, which she was not, according to the New York Post.

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Peerman told the paper she and the girl had been circled by a Virginia Department of Corrections dog trained to sniff out contraband. The staff member who approved the search didn't have that authority, according to DOC Director of Communications Lisa Kinney. She said immediate disciplinary action against the person responsible will be taken.

Sep 25,   Redding, in which the court in ruled that the strip search of a year-old girl at her school in Arizona was unconstitutional. Justice David Souter wrote the opinion for the majority, which Jul 05,   Search and Seizure. School Strip-Sears 22 Sixth-Grade Girls Because a Cop Thought They Were Hiding $50 in Their Underwear Despite the best efforts of a Author: Robby Soave

The girl's mother told the newspaper that her daughter already suffered from bipolar disorder, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. No one was looking for weapons or even illegal drugs.

It was cash-something easy to lose. That it may have been stolen does not necessarily mean the female class members would have stashed it in their undergarments. The district's policy for sears is a mess.

An unconstitutional mess. As the court points out, it gives no guidance to administrators on how to reach its self-generated standard of "reasonable cause" before performing a search.

However, it does tell administrators sears by school personnel should be as non-intrusive as possible and only when there's a "reasonable" belief contraband might be found. The only discipline handed out for this mass violation of rights was a memo chastising the Vice Principal for performing a search to find something not actually considered to be "contraband.

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Students aren't prisoners, and schools aren't prisons. But these distinctions blur when school districts rely on police officers and aggressive disciplinary measures to maintain order.

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Ahhhh, the dreaded strip search. This is when you are coming into the jail and are in custody. Or, in prison when you've left the actual yard or unit for work, medical, etc. First, you undress and when the guard is watching and says to go ahead, y Oct 10,   A year old San Diego girl was strip-seard by Border Patrol agents after they felt her maxi pad during a pat down. Scott Catlin with his three daughters Dec 06,   An eight-year-old girl was strip-seard before being allowed to visit her father in prison, sparking uproar and prompting an apology, but causing the child to cease visiting the relative

Predictive policing lets authorities add a science-y gloss to hammering people who rub them the wrong way. Tuccille.

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Reason Roundup. Plus: New York moves closer to legal weed, Parler pushes back on extremism claims, and more Elizabeth Nolan Brown. A series of laws passed in the s may have permanently hamstrung American infrastructure development.

Walter Olson. Second Amendment. According to the dissent, the appeals court "has decided that the Second Amendment does not mean what it says.

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