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In the modern era of film and television, the use of young actors and actresses have to be met with strict guild lines. There are legal limitations in place to protect the safety and well being of the child, making sure that production crews are following labor laws and union rules in order to avoid any exploitation in the working environment. Yet, even with such strict rules in place, one has to wonder about the morality of the use of child actors and actresses in films that depict violence, horror, and sexual content. There are films that have been made over the last few decades that were so controversial that they were banned in several countries for the use of young girls in roles that were more suited for adults. Which begs the question, why not use actresses that look young to play younger parts, in order to avoid controversy and potential bans? With that in mind, here at The Clever, we have decided to take a look at 15 roles where the actresses were clearly too young for the scenes they were performing in. Via aceshowbiz.

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At the ages of 12, Lara starred alongside Eva in a disturbingly exploitative film called Maladolscenza. The film featured both actresses in explicit scenes that would eventually land the film in court where it was rightly banned in most countries and its DVD production phased out.

Via Fanpop. In the film Pretty Babyshe plays a year-old prostitute and appears nude several times throughout the course of the film.

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Perhaps, unsurprisingly, her role caused a considerable amount of controversy at the time of its release but still went over very well with several critics. She got her first major role at the age of 14 in Conan the Destroyer with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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In the Conan film, she did wear some outfits that could be considered a bit too revealing for such a young girl but it was her role in Bolero with Bo Derek that raised more than a few eyebrows. Via Sandrew Metronome.

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The original version of Let the Right One In is a Swedish vampire horror film that tells the story of a growing relationship between a year-old boy called Oskar - a victim of bullying - and a vampire girl played by Lina Leanderson. Via veeHD. Blame It On Rio was in many ways a retelling of the Lolita story already mentioned on this list, but in modern day with Michael Caine in the leading role as the middle-aged adult male that becomes obsessed with a much younger girl.

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The film is a lot more comedic than its source material but still manages to push the boundaries by having a year-old Jennifer Lyons in her debut perform in a lot of nude scenes throughout the movie. The film also starred a young Demi Moore, who had just turned 18 herself, and who was asked to perform some provocative topless scenes at the beach.

Via Quotegram. The film starred Isabelle Fuhrman in the role of Esther, an year-old orphan in the film. In addition to the violent horror themes, there were some uncomfortable scenes in the film where Esther tries to seduce her adopted father before murdering him.

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The film gained further controversy because it represented the process of adoption in a negative light. Via BBC America. Copper was a great show that was canceled too soon. To reflect the harshness of the time period the series could often hit the viewer with some shocking moments throughout the two season run.

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Glasco put on a great performance though, taking on two roles for the season opener as Annie Reilly and her twin sister Kate. Via Picsofcelebrities. She was cast alongside her on-screen and real life sister, the late Margaux Hemingway in a rape-revenge thriller that was hit with a ton of controversy upon its release.

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The film depicts a very extreme and graphically violent rape scene involving her older sister during the early chapters of the film. Via ouchpress.

Although Jean Reno was already a well-established actor in his native country of France, it was Leon: The Professional that helped launch his career in Hollywood. Gary Oldman also gives a commanding performance as the corrupt and psychotic drug enforcement agent Norman Stansfield. However, it was the breakout performance as Matilda from a then year-old Natalie Portman that was both applauded and controversial at the same time.

Via listal. Chloe Grace Moretz was years-old at the time of the first film adaptation of the comic book series Kickass.

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I woke up and walked by and saw what they were doing. They were on the web cam portion of it and a older man talked them into showing their private parts. Well, one of the girls confessed and said that they were showing private parts to other older men after that via webcam.

SHould I turn my daughters laptop in to the police? like, is it traceable?

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Will my oldest daughter get in trouble if say she has to give her laptop to her school for anything in the future? or if anyone works on it?

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Can you pull records from what happened on a webcam? Any advice would be great! what you should do I cannot tell you, as you yourself must choose whether or not to report the guy to the police. his IP can most likely be traced. or if not keep them away, then most definitely somehow learn them what kind of a position they are putting themselves in, just do a search on google x I just did: I seard for "Stickam girl" and that was all it took to find the most horrible site right away.

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you could choose to show your girl this site as a sort of "shock-treatment" in need of better suited wordsbut I won't tell you that it's the "right" way to go, as I have no kids, and I've never been in the situation my self, but I do believe it could be one way of approaching it.

else more to the point, your older daughter will probably not be in much trouble, as she didn't do anything, and most likely that "ca" will be one in a million by that time. what you could do however if you choose not to involve police or anything else.

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it could help you clean out any sensitive info from your pc at least. but the Ip's and stuff will still be on Omegles' servers, but in any case they too will probably be cleaned out from there within some time. what happened on the webcam can not be recovered as the computer does not file any info on the images themselves, unless they used it to shoot pics themselves of course.

There are films that have been made over the last few decades that were so controversial that they were banned in several countries for the use of young girls in roles that were more suited for adults. Which begs the question, why not use actresses that look young to play younger parts, in order to avoid controversy and potential bans? With that in mind, here at The Clever, we have decided to ?Skinny nude girl with small tits on Omegle, stickam [xp] ?small tits sexy teen nude webcam girls naked video haveaheartwashoe.com4 [xp] ?Omegle teen with small tits, stickam [xp] ?Patricia Anne Spenser - I still can't believe these insanely old family video's I get from readers. Incest(????) has been around a LONG 10/0/  Many times these girls will lie to older men about their age (they'll say they're over the age of consent) and these perverts will act on it. If this man knew how old the girls were, then yes, I believe it would be right to turn that pedophile in. Computers have traceable "addresses", and if the man was caught on a webcam, then it would make it all the easier. Men like him should be locked away

And also, one last thing. If you do decide handing the pc in to the police, make sure to talk to your older girl first, and first perhaps ask here if there is anything she would like to remove from the pc first, like torrents, downloaded songs or stuff like that, which may be sensitive to her, and if she says no, then I would give her 20 mins with the pc alone anyway, as she might not want to show you everything she has stored on it, even though she would like to remove it before showing it to the police.

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I'm not making assumptions about your daughter here, I'm just drawing from my experience with other teenage friends. as I am quite the magician to some of them when it comes to IT and often get asked to remove stuff from their computers when they're in a situation where their pc is about to be "opened up".

also what should be the ground rule of the internet is: "never trust anyone. If the thing doesn't even give you the lovely little Compaq screen in the beginning, then it's definitely not a virus that caused this. If it does give you a compaq screen then it's one of two things: A. Your windows just mucked up for whatever reason or B. Most likelyyour harddrive is failing. You'll need a new one, and install it, and reinstall windows. Generally expensive to have a tech do this for you If B, go straight to my third answer.

First: ck to see if you can plug your laptop into an external monitor.

See if you get a signal on there. If you do, your screen is broken. Probably a loose connector.

Second: flip over laptop, take out battery, just try to run laptop with powercord. If you get absolutely no lights, then see if your power adapter is loose. You need to get it soldered back on.

Call a local repair shop. Third: There isn't much you can do from here. The best way to get your data off is either have a local shop do it for you generally around the range of bucksor buy an adapter that reads harddrives, and hook it up yourself and transfer the data. They were on the Doing whatever with the laptop wont make a diffrence. Should have been keeping an eye on your kid's in the first place.

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Might as well not give her access to any Internet. She's started that young she won't stop. By the time she does get to high school she'll be banging college frat boys.

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My suggestion is no computer,no phone, nothing. Life is really going to suck for you with that kid. Omegle is the 1 website for creeps, and it's widely known.

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