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Wilson has sent me to get you ready for your punishment. Are you wearing anything under your nightie? Got any knickers on? Sengeeta paused for a second then turned round and hitd her nightie up to her waist revealing her bare bottom. Eyes turned to the doorway as Mrs.

Just something that I desire and need, and our marriage is strong. My question is, do you find something about that is hard to understand.

thinking I was only taking a picture, they were playing around until they realized I was taking a video. Too cute spanking. Codi Dixon. O line Nitce a prstynku s rubinem Psalvadorfl. julefrokosten. chrosstv Trending. Jean Castex. Coronavirus: Castex annonce que 20 departements sont en "surveillance renforcee" Europe 1. Jean Castex: "Il faut tout faire pour retarder le confinement pour laisser a la vaccination le temps de produire des effets" BFMTV. Jean Sorority Girls' Revenge 89 minutes Comedy Two guys and their dog are hiding out at this deserted sorority retreat when it is suddenly invaded by four cute sorority pledges - sent there by their mean, but foxy, pledge-master. Of course, the guys peek! And, of course, the pledges discover them peeking! Directed by: Keith Warn Starring: Stacy Oliver, Kevin Wortman, Kelly Kraegel

My husband is five years younger, we have a wonderful marriage, sex life is good. Dating him I learned he needed direction, his spending, his attitude, his mother even wonder why I would date him. I corned him one morning stepping out of the shower, the previous night he outdid himself.

punishment for a Naughty College Student A twisted mixed form or Truth or Dare and Spin the bottle is played by college dormitory roommates When I was 12 years old I had a sleepover I will never forget. Me and my friends Alex and Mitll were all sleeping over at Alex's house. We had all just woken up and Alex's mom had left us a note in the kitn "hope you all slept well

He listen and smiled and I just said a good sound spanking might be what you need, he laughed. It did not take much but soon he was across my lap as I sat on the bed and his bare bottom was feeling the sting of my hand.

When he realized I was not joking, I told him to stand up, I scolded him like a child, I then took my hairbrush and he struggled some but the hairbrush soon got his attention.

His mother not knowing he is spanked sees the difference in him. He admits it has helped, at times I think he wants to be spanked.

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I know he hates to face the wall afterwards, begs me not to, especially if he is naked. He also after getting caught masturbating must relieve himself of his erection, the spanking is more effective. So our life is normal, our marriage is strong and the sex life is good. Spankings are not foreplay, no sex afterwards, and for me he sure acts like a little boy when being spanked, and I so enjoy viewing his red bottom afterwards.

I'd have to say my wife and I are in the 4 category at this stage in our lives. Years ago we probably would have been in the 5 group.

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It's an interesting graphic indeed. Thanks for responding Jack. You are in the one third of men that want a punishment spanking.


And you are honest about it. I laughed when she said a spanking, even though that what I wanted. Perhaps your wife is like Jane?

Anyway, you are fortunate to have found what you need in a partner. There are a lot of men and women who have not. Yes Jane, I do. So you are saying that spanking has improved his behavior to some extent, but not enough to avoid getting spanked.

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I agree with you he wants to be spanked and uses his behavior to earn a spanking. Is that reason you spank him. Perhaps you were looking for a man to spank when you dated him? If so, it does seem that you have a mutually enjoyable marriage.

I do enjoy seeing his cute bottom red, but find I like the control. He will admit he needs the spankings.

thinking I was only taking a picture, they were playing around until they realized I was taking a video. Too cute Robbradleyday A female servant is punished by the mansion owner for getting into a fight with one of his daughters. The scene and lead up is rather drawn out but the actual spanking appears in the very last part of this clip Seven girls clad in various nightwear gathered around the bed. "Sengeeta", said Penelope, "Mrs. Wilson has sent me to get you ready for your punishment. Are you wearing anything under your nightie?

He will also admit it has improved his sexual drive. He has tried to get me to spank him with others present, especially my best friend, I'm not leaning in that direction. I know he will find that totally not what he wants.

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This leads me to think he is not a pureperhaps a 2, 5 or 6? What does he think his number is? Spanked with witness is a popular desire. Would it alter your relation with your best friend?

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Why do you think he would not like it? It would not alter my relationship with my best friend. If I bring up the subject he will say later, that it would be private. I've asked him why a public spanking when you want it to be private. He said it would be private, just me, my bf.

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Try to understand that reasoning. Joyce my partner and I met in college, it was a spring break visit to her mother's, she is divorced, that I found my spanking desire. We both were told house rules and of course we had to break them. My girlfriend knew she would be given a spanking and I watd in shock at her age.

Her jeans, panties were around her ankles and over her mother lap. I so wanted to be over that lap that I stepped out of my jeans and stood in my panties. Her mother looked at me and said get those panties off young lady and I did. Oh the spanking was wonderful, it hurt, I danced around afterwards. I told Joyce how I found I enjoyed the spanking and she smiled.

It was a couple of months later, I did something stupid and in the dorm room Joyce told me to drop my jeans and I did so and she pulled down my panties and the spanking was wonderful, but like her mother, it did hurt.

It is the norm now, and have been spanked in front of her mother, at a hotel and only once taken to the restroom and my skirt pulled up, my panties lowered and given a spanking. Two ladies were present and to my shock one handed a hairbrush to my friend and boy did I squirm at the table while we ate. It makes sense to my male mind. It's private, it's not in the mall.

I always enjoyed being spanked by two women. They get quite imaginative and it becomes a lot of fun. If you don't think it would create any problems, go for it. I told my bf and she is gamed for anything. A slim oriental girl in a floral sleepsuit raised her hand.

Hina, blinking, looked at Head and then Head Girl as if waiting for confirmation. She then unbuttoned the top of her sleepsuit, pushed it back over her shoulders, then pulled it down and stepped out of it leaving her completely naked. Hina walked the few steps to her bed, climbed on to it on all fours and without being bidden, pressed her ek down on to the cover while the rest of us, once again, stood around to witness proceedings.

Her small drooping breasts shook a little with each of the three strokes were administered but she made not a sound apart from a little gasp of breath each time the cane struck her bottom.

Marion had returned and was standing by her bed. As with Sengeeta, I found myself right behind her. The other girls gathered round, clad in various nightdresses, t-shirt and pyjamas - and, of course, poor Hina who still had nothing on. Marion was as noisy as Hina had been silent.

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At the first stroke she screamed, ard her shoulders and pushed her bottom down. Wilson tapped her on the shoulder and she lowered her head and pushed her bottom up again.

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As she did so, her buttocks flared and I hoped I would never be in her position. The three girls stood before the Head Tear and Head Girl in various states of undress. Sengeeta modest in her long nightie, Marion naked from navel to toes and Hina still completely nude. But first, it seems unfair that Hina has no clothes on, let us do something about this. A reluctant Marion did the same with her t-shirt.

Penelope took the garments from them as the Head Tear continued:. The three girls complied. Mrs Wilson turned to look at the clock on the wall.

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as sixty seconds ticked round, Marion lowered her arms. The three girls shook their heads miserably. She turned back to the three naked girls.

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