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Gandhi had never hidden his unusual experiments with women, he had disclosed the same to his close associates, many times through letters. Apart from the extreme pacifism that Gandhi practised which was questioned by many of his contemporaries, the one weird ct, widely known but little discussed in public discourse, is his experiments with his celibacy. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had strong views on sex, and he often gave detailed instructions to his followers on this subject. Gandhi was married with Kasturba at the age of 1, not unusual for his time. They led a normal married life, who had four sons. Later in life, Gandhi had written how he had lustful feelings for his wife.

The massage was followed by taking bath, helped and accompanied by his female attendants. She was his regular companion in taking baths.

Initially it was merely a sleeping arrangement, but soon became a part of his experiments. This was his method of attaining the nirvana state of perfect Brahamacharya, to maintain abstinence while sleeping next to attractive young women without cloths.

Apart from Sushila, his grandnieces Abha and Manu were his regular sleeping companion, along with other women in his Ashram. As Gandhi grew older, the number of women surrounding him in Ashram had increased, particularly after the death of his wife Kasturba, after Gandhi denied her treatment by western medicine.

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More number of women were obliged to sleep with him to test his control over libido, the women who were not allowed to sleep with their own husband in the Ashram.

Kanchan slept one night only. Vinas sleeping with me might be called an accident. All that can be said is that she slept close to me. She, therefore, stayed very reluctantly and undressed only for fear of hurting me.

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If I remembered rightly, she was not with me for even an hour. I then stopped both the women from sleeping with me, for I realised that Kanu and you were upset. in the experiment. Maybe I should not.

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She often used to sleep with me to keep me warm even before I was conscious that I was making an experiment. I used to draw her to me when she lay on the floor, shivering, for my sake.

While a large number of women slept naked with Gandhi, and some women were willing partner of his experiments, most of them did so at the insistence of Gandhi, and not out of free will.

He had a strong personality, and it was very difficult to say no to him. It was revealed by Gandhi himself. Almost all of them would strip reluctantly. If I wish to be a brahmachari under all circumstances and want the women also to be such, this is the one way. Now leave this matter alone and watch what happens.

From the writings of Gandhi, especially letters, it can be seen he faced great criticism for his practice.

But he remained adamant, claiming that it was necessary to maintain his Brahmacharya. Otherwise why should I stop it?

Sleeping bare girl

There is a limit to abstaining from it for the sake of friends. Sleeping together came with my taking up of brahmacharya or even before that.

Actually, it was not acceptable in that era also, from his personal assistants to senior leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, everyone had criticised it.

But he was Bapuji, with a halo around him, so he was allowed to continue with the experiments. Whether NDTV or 'The Wire', they never have to worry about funds. In name of saving democracy, they get money from various sources. We need your support to fight them. Please contribute whatever you can afford.

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Again with the drinks except this time I got my hands untied and legs untied. But I was denied my clothes. I got to walk around in just my diaper and have some pizza. Then it was time for my "afternoon sleep" and they tied me up again and left the room Harrowing video shows a home intruder standing over the bed of a sleeping teenage girl in Kansas - and he's still at large. Security footage captured a hooded stranger peering at year-old Aniya Bathing with women, sleeping with naked girls: Read about Gandhi's 'experiments with celibacy' Gandhi had never hidden his unusual experiments with women, he had disclosed the same to his close associates, many times through letters. 2 October,

Fact-cking the fact-cker Anurag - 28 March, In the recent years, 'liberal' media have adopted fact-cking as a tool for propaganda wherein they dismiss certain claims or call them 'fake news' based on a completely different set of data.

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Congress IT Cell head Rohan Gupta recently shared an abridged video of PM Modi's speech in Assam to further propaganda against the BJP. Union Government notifies the new rules for digital news publishers and over-the-top OTT platforms OpIndia Staff - 25 March, Govt had announced the new guidelines and regulations for social media, digital news media and OTT platforms in February.

Bombay HC directs Mumbai Police to give three days prior notice to Arnab Goswami before any coercive action in the TRP case OpIndia Staff - 24 March, Bombay HC also said that as Arnab Goswami and his channel are not made accused yet in the TRP case, the case can't be stayed now.

Abhishek Banerjee - 2 March, Why the radio silence. No black screen. No painted face. And no mimes. Just silence. We decided to continue our game so me and Alex locked Mitll in the closet. After a while we got bored again then the tables turned and it was my turn to be locked in the closet.

Mitll and Alex grabbed me and threw me into the closet. After a while I heard them whispering and I knew something was up.

All of a sudden they opened the door and said "torture time! I looked at Alex's bed head and there were ropes tied to the posts I looked and the foot of his bed and there were ropes there too. They threw me onto the bed. I was struggling at this stage cause I really didn't want to be tied down but I was a small 12 year old against 2 guys that were bigger than me. They pinned me down and Mitll who was an expert knot maker tied me up.

I couldn't get free no matter how hard I struggled.

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Now me and Mitll both knew that Alex used to wet the bed because in a previous sleepover when we were about 7 we were wrestling and Alex's pants were half pulled down and we saw his Goodnites. Anyway I was tied down and Alex opened one of his drawers and pulled out an old Goodnites.

The look on my face must have been easy to see because Alex and Mitll both looked at me and Alex said "were going to have a baby today". Mitll looked at me and just laughed. They both untied my legs and I thought they might just put the Goodnite on over my pants but ohhhh no I was wrong. Mitll began unbuttoning my jeans and they slid the zipper on my fly open and pulled down my jeans.

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I was sooooooo embarrassed. I had on a pair of boxer shorts with racing car on them. Off came my boxers. I was lying there half naked in front of my best friends. I couldn't believe they had done this to me. Alex had the "honors" of pulling up the Goodnites. All of a sudden I felt a great feeling it was great. Still it was over powered by having some of my friends putting them on me.

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They tied my legs back up and started on untying my hands. Then they pulled off my shirt. I was just lying there in a Goodnite and I couldn't do anything.

Then came the teasing "awww look at the ickle baby" Mitll said. Alex came back a few minutes later carrying two sippy cups his mom often looked after his younger cousins". One was full of milk the other was just water. Mitll held my nose while Alex poured the liquids down my throat.

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I had no choice, I had to swallow. well, I'm sure we can think of something. They closed the drapes and turned out the light and shut the door. About 2 hours later of just lying there I needed to pee badly. They came in asking "what? I'll be good I promise" I said.

I realized I was speaking to my friends as if they were my parents. Then they laughed and said "go on, pee. We'll be back soon".

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