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Nicki was able to come home from the hospital. She had to get all her stuff from her house. Since she is going to be staying with Dwayne she let Safaree have the house For now. When Nicki and Dwayne got to her house, Nickis heart started to beat fast and she was breathing heavy. Dwayne looked at her and asked if she was ok. She said she was ok and got out the car.

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First they stretd for a few minutes then Nicki ran on the treadmill while Dwayne lifted weights. After 0 mins at the gym the took a break.

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Dwayne: wanna play a game? Nicki: baby we're grown why are we playing games Dwayne: lets play the confession game.

Nicki: why do you not trust me or something? Dwayne: Not its not look you should play black ops with me one day.

Dwayne: ok um you have to wash everyones dirty clothes. Nicki: ok fine but if i win you have to make dinner,wash the dirty clothes and clean the house for a month.

Dwayne: ok now this one you have to promise not to get mad. Dwayne: ok the week we brought Kay Kay home you had jury duty right?

Shy girl gone wild

Nicki just sat and gave him her evil eyes. Nicki: Really?!

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Wayne you think i would at on you?! Before he could finsh she got her stuff and left.

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Dwayne was sitting by the door when he started hearing screaming from upstairs. He walked upstairs to living room nobody was there.

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The screaming started to get louder and now Dwayne knew exactly where the screaming was now coming from. So he ran to the door where heard it and busted in.

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He saw Safaree on top of Nicki and Nicki trying to get him off her. so Dwayne did.

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He Tackled Safaree and Safaree fell to the ground. Dwayne started to punch and kick him. That went on for three minutes then Safaree pund Dwayne in the right eye which made Dwayne loose his balance for a minute.

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Then Dwayne stopped fighting and said Dwayne: Nicki do you have everything you need? they walked downstairs and walked out the door.

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Nicki had 5 bags off clothes 2 bags of makeup and 7 bags off shoes and bags off other stuff. After putting all the bags in the trunk they drove to Dwayne's house. Nicki never really gotten a tour off the house.

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Nicki carried 4 bags Dwayne carried the rest. When they got into the house there was a crystal chandler above them.

They start with upstairs first. The living was huge.

It had a U shaped couch that was white and a huge tv in front of it. Then Nicki ran off to the rooms. There were 4 rooms.

One room was themed teenaged ninja turtles. The other room was themed power rangers. and rd one was just pink.

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