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Two-faced figures refer to the principle of bipartition; four-faced figures evoke the concept of quadripartition and the principal directions on the compass. Under this classificatory name archaeologists have grouped not exactly a culture, but a minor ceramic component of wide distribution, as a rule associated with materials of different ceramic traditions. Vessels of these characteristics appear throughout the Northern and Central Highlands of Ecuador, as well as in the Amazonian area of Quijos. Their distribution suggests a close relation between both areas, the manufacture site being the eastern slopes of the so-called Royal Cordillera. As far as technology is concerned, the walls are thin and the surface finish has been very carefully done, not to mention the metallic sound. The vessels are of different shapes.

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htm. The delayed Manchar Lake housing project has added to the miseries of the fishermen who have been putting up with the repeated injustices meted out by the government. Thirteen years ago inwhen the PPP-led provincial government laund the housing project for fishermen near the Manchar Lake, it raised hopes of the community that had earlier been residing in their traditional boat villages scattered in the surrounding area of the lake.

However, today, beneficiaries of the project appear disappointed as certain parties with vested interests have been involved in the manipulation of funds allocated for setting up of the model villages, including donation of some fishing tools for the fishermen community.

The project was initially laund by the PPP-led government in to accommodate the fishermen families.

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The government also identified the deserving families and sites for establishing four villages. The site identified for one of the villages was in Jhangara Union Council and the other three in Bobak Union Council - all situated near the bank of Manchar Lake.

Under the said project, the first village, Haji Abdul Rehman Mallah comprises homes, Haji Qadir Bakhsh Mallah village consists of homes, Haji Malook Mallah village of homes and some homes make up the fourth village, Maula Bakhsh Mallah.

Apart from this, under the project, the government was to donate boats, engines, fishing nets and bicycles to the deserving people. The provincial government purchased the land in following which allotment orders of the plots were issued to the families.

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The plots were spread over an area of sq ft each. Before the announcement of this project, the fishermen community had been quite marginalized. There was no concept of education among the community and even the young members of the children were not enrolled neighbouring educational institutes due to poverty.

It has been learnt that poverty struck the fishermen community in this area when lake water became toxic due to the discharge of poisonous agricultural and urban waste released into the lake through the mega water project 'Right Bank Outfall Drainage RBOD ' flowing from upcountry areas. This toxic water affected marine life and the lake was rendered useless, which was a source of livelihood for hundreds of families.

Following the tradition of their forefathers, children of fishermen are born and raised on the boats and spend their entire life at the sea. The leisure activities of the children include swimming, fishing, running small boats in the water and poaching birds. However, the former Chief Minister Sindh Arbab Rahim, whose government re-laund the development project, raised the hopes of this ignored community until bureaucratic hurdles and political instability once again sabotaged the project depriving the people of basic housing facility for long.

Mustafa Meerani, a local activist told Kolachi that at the time in the population of the lake comprised some 25, people.

But later when the Manchar Lake became polluted through the foreign funded RBOD, a large number of families migrated to other water bodies in search of livelihood. The remaining population deriving their livelihood from the Manchar comprises approximately 10, to 15, people. Most of them are still living at their traditional boats under the lake water in shape of boat villages, referred by different names.

Although the present PPP-led government decided to continue with the project and awarded contracts to initiate construction work at homes in Maula Bakhsh village as well, the work could not be completed in the stipulated time of two months. Activists say it is the responsibility of the Department of Fisheries to monitor and implement the project.

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Meerani revealed that that when the project was initiated recently, some 'corrupt elements' within the community were active in manipulating the funds - a fact activists pointed out to the concerned authorities to save the funds for the community. According to Meerani, activists witnessed that substandard construction material was being used to construct the boats.

After much hue and cry, the government took notice following which the community formed an member committee to monitor the entire project and implement the same in close cooperation with concerned contractor, government officials and the community elders, he added. He said the PC-I prepared for the project shows the actual cost of a single boat was Rs50, The government had allocated fund for the purpose, but the community observed that the contractor was building small boats, which could be purchased at Rs The remaining amount from government funds was being pocketed by the concerned officials.

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The lake was the only source of livelihood for fishermen and agriculturists as well, who used the water to irrigate lands of two Talukas, Sehwan and Johi of the Dadu district around 15 to 20 years ago. But since the government found it fit to discharge agricultural water through the RBOD, both the communities are facing difficulty. The toxic water is not suitable for consumption, marine life or cultivation, forcing the community to opt for alternatives for the survival of their families.

Due the increasing marine pollution in Manchar Lake, certain fish and birds species are depleting and water vegetables are being destroyed too.

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Besides, the pollution has also led widespread waterborne diseases. The community is facing acute shortage of drinking water too. Recalling their blissful days, the old fishermen said there were days when there was an abundance of fish, bird species and water vegetables for their earning as well as for their families' nutrition.

They used to celebrate their marriages with traditional enthusiasm. However, the RBOD effluent has occupied thousands of acres fertile land and villages from different sides, displacing hundreds of fishermen, agriculturists along with their families. Communities that migrated to safer locations have not yet received compensation from the authorities either, said activists. Earlier, the lake received most of its fresh water from River Indus, and surrounding hills, apart from the torrential rain and floods, but there is a drought-like situation in the mountainous areas depriving the River Indus of fresh water.

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The Manchar Lake consequently receives no fresh water and on top of it, effluent is being discharged into it through RBOD and other waterways threatening those dependent on the lake for their livelihood. Some environmentalists earlier suggested that the government establish a Manchar Development Authority, so violators can be held accountable.

They blamed the government departments, including Sindh Wildlife, Fisheries, Irrigation and Tourism departments for their lack of interest in resolving the problems of the area. Moreover, there is not a single hut for tourists visiting the area, which proves that the Manchar Lake is not a priority of the Tourism Department, say observers. Now that government has laund a laudable project, it should also make arrangements to monitor the sme and prevent corrupt practices, as pointed out by the activists, to improve the living conditions of this deserving community.

Description of the specimen: The exact number of seahorse species around the world is unknown, though Kuiter suggests the number to be in the order of 60, of which 25 are found in Australia.

There are currently around thirty-five recognized seahorse species. Seahorses are part of the family syngnathidae pronounced sing-nath-i-deewhich means "fused jaw".

All seahorses belong to the genus Hippocampus. The Giant Dragon Seahorse Hippocampus giganteus kuda is a living fossil, and considered to be the largest species of seahorse. Today, all the seahorses are classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Although it lives remote island, Golden Sea Island, far away from any western or eastern civilizations, the Gant Dragon Seahorse is classified as an endangered for its extremely rare numbers.

Like all seahorses, its head is held at right angles to the body, the eyes can move independently of each other, and the tail is prehensile.

Instead of having scales, as in most other fish, seahorses have a layer of skin stretd over bony plates that are visible as rings passing around the trunk. Swimming is powered by the rapidly oscillating dorsal fin, and they steer using the fins on either side of the body the pectoral fins. The Giant Dragon Seahorse has a deep head and body and a thick, robust snout. Individuals are often completely black or they may be yellowish or cream with large dark spots.

Like all seahorses, it is also a master of camouflage, and may occasionally be sandy in color in order to blend in with the background. Common seahorses are found throughout South East Asia, Australia, Japan and some Pacific islands including Hawaii. Nevertheless, Giant Dragon Seahorses Hippocampus giganteus kuda lives only limited area of deep sea near the Red Sea Island. There is much confusion as to the taxonomy of this seahorse, and the name giant seahorse has been widely applied to all non-spiny seahorses close to the size of 0 cm 12 inch around the world.

The Giant Dragon Seahorse typically inhabits shallow waters, in estuaries, reefs and on mud slopes where there is seagrass or marine algae.

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They have also been found in open water and attad to drifting vegetation up to 20 km off shore. Its surrounding environment and availability of foods is believed to be the major factors for its subtle variations of colors, body shapes and its size. Perhaps the most unique and unusual feature of biology of the Giant Dragon Seahorse, just like its smaller relatives, is the fact that it is the male and not the female who becomes pregnant.

When mature, males develop a pouch on the belly, known as the brood pouch. The male then fertilises them and they become embedded into the wall of the pouch. The pouch is very similar to the womb found in female mammals; a placental fluid removes waste products and supplies the eggs with oxygen and nutrients. After 20 to 28 days of pregnancy the male goes into labor, typically at night when there is a full moon. After hours of thrusting, the miniature seahorses, which look exactly like the adults, are released from the pouch.

The offspring are fully independent after birth and must fend for themselves. They are pelagic in the first stage of life, or hold onto floating debris at the surface with their tail. Like other common seahorses, the Giant Dragon Seahorse is an ambush predator, and usually waits for small crustaceans to swim by; they then suck the prey into the tube-like mouth and swallow it whole.

In addition to this method of capturing preys, unlike any other species of horseshoe crabs, the Giant Dragon Seahorse also snaps lobsters, rock crabs, and fish with its large jaws furnished with fine sharp teeth, which is similar to the gar fish. Some of the Giant Dragon Seahorse is said to grow over 6 feet, and locals stay away from this fish. They are also unpalatable due to their bony-plated bodies and offensive odors according to the local fishermen.

The seahorses in general do not have many natural predators, as they rely on their excellent camouflage for protection. Its smaller relatives have been sold locally and internationally for use in traditional medicines, in the aquarium trade and as curios key chains, paper weights etc. At least 20 million dried seahorses traded in In traditional Chinese medicine, the common seahorse is one of the most prized and valuable items for many centuries.

The seahorse is a close relative of the sea dragon believed to be more potent than the seahorse in Chinese medication.

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It is also potent to be consumed as a kidney care tonic. In addition, seahorses are reputed in China to have "aphrodisiac" qualities for male enhancement sexual vitality just like the rhinoceros horn. Between an 95 per cent of the world's population of black rhinoceros disappeared, and Javan and Sumatran rhinos hover on the brink of extinction.

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Naturally, the larger seahorse is more valued for the potency. In fact, the large size Giant Dragon Seahorses have been consumed by Chinese Emperors for over 4, years.

The sea horse may be used with any other tonic herbs, but it is most commonly combined with kidney care tonics, both Yin and Yang. A tea can be made from the seahorse. Also, it can be grinded into powder and add it to capsules. Also, Sea Horse is commonly extracted, with other tonics, in alcohol to make a tonic jiu.

One of the most popular combination of powdered ingredient are Deer Antler, Sea Dragon, Gecko, Ginseng, Lycium, Schizandra, Cuscuta, Cynomorium, Morinda, etc. as a kidney care yang tonic and to tonify the sexual functions.

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The seahorse is still a big business in Asian countries. Inthe global consumption of common seahorses was estimated at 25 million seahorses over 70 metric tonnes.

Furthermore, habitat degradation and pollution in some areas reduces the available habitat for the species, and it is also often accidentally caught as by-catch in the shrimp-trawling industry.

The most pressing requirement to assist in the conservation of this species is the need for further research. In order to effectively conserve a species, its biology, ecology, range and abundance must be fully understood and the threats facing it must be known. In November all seahorses were listed on Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species CITES ; this means that the massive trade in seahorses must be regulated to ensure that the survival of wild populations is not threatened.

However, Indonesia, Japan, Norway and South Korea have opted out of the listing for seahorses. The conservation organization Project Seahorse was set up in to in response to the massive pressures facing all seahorses around the world. Reference: Dr. For any questions, please contact Dr. Takeshi Yamada via his official art website and his email there. Margaret blond hair is teasing tiny slave while her sister, Adelia, is having tea with emotionless in the balcony of their large mansion.

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In this fantasy world where magic is possiblethere are three types of class system in society which are Aristocrat, commoner and slave. To the Aristocrat, those commoners or slaves are considered to be dispensable. Three year old Emily had a secret power. She only kept it secret because her big sister Allison had told her to.

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They would climb mountains of stuffed animals, play dress-ups with their doll clothes, and build hidden cubby-houses like they were borrowers a book Allison had read and re-read to her sister. It was thrilling, but not without its risks. Here we see Emily and Allison on another adventure. Another Shrunken Vore I met on Bbwhooks.

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