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Why, they asked, did we not want to go? Years later, as a young adult, I thought such hang ups about public nudity were behind me, but that was likely because living in English speaking Canada, I was never confronted with any.

During my stay in Leipzig, I had some nagging health problems. My roommate, a native Easternerwas convinced that a visit to a sauna would help kick start my immune system.

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The health club was housed in a converted warehouse in a former industrial park. We headed to the change room where my roommate stripped down to nothing and I pulled on my swim trunks before we made our way into the sauna.

Now, my only previous sauna experiences had come at my Toronto gym, which was in a Jewish community centre. My memory of the moment we entered the sauna is of stepping into a dimly lit space and, through a cloud of steam rising from an oven in the centre of the room, slowly making out a sea of naked bodies of all shapes, sizes and, to my surprise, genders.

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And yet, naturism enjoys a relatively long history in Germany, having emerged as a cultural movement of some import in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In its early years, naturism slowly became associated with vegetarianism, pacifism and the progressive politics of radical socialists who saw in the practice a way to break down class barriers Michael Hau, The Cult of Health and Beauty in Germany: a Social History, University of Chicago Press, During the Third Reich period, nudism continued to be tolerated but was consigned to sites where the general public would not run the risk of encountering practitioners.

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One anecdote has it that then GDR Minister of Culture poet and FKK opponent Johannes Ber took it upon himself to patrol a Baltic beach one evening to ensure that all was in order. When authorities moved to prohibit nude bathing at all Baltic beas in the mid-fifties, the resistance was remarkable, with many citizens registering their protest through letters and petitions.

Remarkably, the government backed off and over the years, FKK established itself as a popular pastime within the GDR. These clubs were incorporated as sections of local sport clubs, and many thousands of East Germans were members of organizations.

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Ina photo purporting to show German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her birthday suit as a young woman made the rounds online, causing some stir internationally but little within Germany itself; there the news was generally met with a shrug. Merkel herself remained mum. My Leipzig roommate and his family were avid FKKers.

Teenboys in saunas

In fact, during the year I spent in Leipzig, his father assumed the chair of the nudist club to which the family had belonged since the GDR times. During a weekend visit to A. Thankfully this happened in the fall, so we were all bundled up, but the site was a modest set-up with a small pond, a grassy area for volleyball, badminton and sunbathing, and an adjacent wood for those wanting to do a bit of wandering about.

Very simple and reminiscent of 60s era campgrounds once common to North America.

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His experience strikes me as representative, given the social milieu it arose from in his case:. and thought they were passe. As a sign of this, young men and women would go on hikes together, joined in choirs and singing groups, they even went camping together without being married, oh, the scandal!

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These were all ways for young people to demonstrate how they were different from the older generation. Now once my mother married, oh my goodness, her FKK days were behind her, but through her we heard about it.

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to author, 8 January, When Mr. Once they hit puberty, the boys went their own way and each started wearing bathing suits, for a while anyway. In regards to their motivations for pursuing FKK in their free time, Mr. In my diary account of that visit, I recorded that the club was named Roter Heila rather peculiar name in my estimation.

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How, I wondered, could this have passed muster in the GDR, where even a hint of National Socialist thinking was sure to set off alarm bells? It has nothing to do with the Arbeiter Turn und Sportverein Workers Gymnastics and Sport Club that was founded by the Communist Party [during Weimar Era], oh no!

Initally the FKKers of the town of A. gathered at the local pond on an ad hoc basis, but were soon informed that they needed to formalize the arrangement by getting official approval not something peculiar to the GDR, Mr.

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In his view, the situation is no different today. To get this approval, Mr. As anyone who has spent time in Germany will tell you, club culture plays an important role in its society.


Laws and bylaws are set up to support the club structure, and many Germans are members of several such organizations through which they conduct their free time activities. In the post- Wende world of eastern Germany, clubs have become one way of measuring the social health of communities, and the situation facing Mr. In our case there are several reasons for this. First, there are simply fewer of them around [many of them leave smaller towns and cities to seek opportunities in major centres, ed.

In the mids, an incident involving the club also served to illustrate differing attitudes towards sexuality that continue to exist in the East and West.

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During these years, stories on these differing attitudes were a constant in German media, something my eastern friends found confusing and bizarre. For them, FKK had nothing, or little, to do with sex or sexuality, but western media seemed incapable or unwilling to try and understand this activity in any way other than as a borderline perversion or fetish.

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He argued that producers would cast the club in a poor light or worse, but Mr. Common sense? There's nothing common about sense! I'm in South Yorkshire.

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I've just been googling but looks like one potential council ran one has closed and can't currently find an age limit on the other. TheEffect Forumite 2. ck out your local gyms. My local Virgin Active has steam rooms, and they are always giving out free 'day' passes for non-members to try it out. Off topic, but this thread reminded me of the time I went to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

young man relaxing in a hothouse. Group of young healthy, fit and beautiful people relaxing in a sauna. young woman and young boy in a Turkish bath. young man in a bathroom. Handsome man relaxing in a sauna with towel wrapped around his waist. young handsome male taking enjoyment in bathing on beautiful landscape Browse 60 young boy in sauna stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Boy in a sauna, Denmark, holidays, vacation, North Sea Coast, people, children, healthy. sauna at lake - young boy in sauna stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Christopher Rice. Follow. Nov 12, 1 min read. This is a list of some of my favorite sauna videos. Warning: If you are offended by naked bodies, you might want to watch some puppy videos instead. This video captures the essence of sauna - slow and set in nature. A fun and detailed documentary about Finnish sauna

Drinking alcohol for most of the day, a lack of water, and way too long in the steam room, well wasn't a great combination. PasturesNew Forumite He probably thinks they're full of half naked Swedish girls Ive only been in a steam room once in a posh hotel when on hols with OH. We just wanted to ck it out.

After 5 mins a guy walked in ,sat down and dropped his towel.

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We felt he thought something might happen for him. improper suggestion to her. My point is, it seems that some undesirables see sauna cabinets as hook up locations so take care with children. Feudal Britain needs land reform.

Thats why your slave box costs so much. Still knitting! Current projects: pink balaclava for myselfseaman's hat, about to start another cardigan!

DKLS Forumite He should be fine in this country, but europe can be trickier for a hormonal teenager. I was invited to a Directors house for a BBQ in finland whilst working there, he invited me to a sauna, and in there was his stunning wife and two teenage daughters without a stitch on, I didn't know where to look and it took all my effort to keep focused especially when the wife beat me with birch twigs!

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