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Most of you have probably been acquainted with anxiety before. That was my experience. I let anxiety settle in, accepted it was normal and that was who I was. Getting scared about leaving my house, feeling lonely in a group of close friends and experiencing panic attacks. I thought I could cope with it and still live for Jesus. But as soon as anxiety grew, it started to push out love, peace and mostly my joyfulness. And I felt stuck.

Teen boys find joy

My passion for Jesus grew. I wanted to seek Him. And everything was about Him. What do I hold higher than God? Remember though, God only wants what is good for you Romans and sometimes that means going through something that is temporarily painful.

Realising where my security was and what I had to do to change that was hard. But it was completely worth it. Be honest with yourself. Pray Talk to God. Be honest with him.

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From the point I did that, I started to feel a sense of freedom from my anxiety. That is what God does.

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He is full of grace and wants to restore us back to him. He can help you put Him back at your centre. Listen to him.

Be honest, trust and obey him. Read scripture and learn his heart.

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It puts him at your focus. He will build you up and help you to put Him back at your core.

Homeless teen tries to give back to the man who changed his life

Find that place and give your time to Him, for he longs to spend time with you. Be grateful.

Thank God for it. Oh the joy it brings. It could be thanking God for the sun, the rain, the grass on your feet, the sound of the ice cream van.

I know that on days when I have been feeling anxious, being grateful has lifted my eyes to God, reminding me who is my centre, spurring me to lift up how I was feeling and found joy no matter what situation I was in. And if I can give thanks for the good things, the hard things, the absolute everything, I can enter the gates to glory.

A note on anxiety: My anxiety came from seeking joy in the wrong places.

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How can we be sure they grow from their experiences and not get stuck or traumatized from their experiences? Here are six ways to teach happiness to your teen along with the bonus of finding your own happiness along the way! In a time of stress, teach your teen to react with interest or curiosity instead of fear or anger.

Why Are Teens So Lonely, and What Can They Do About It? Odd as it seems, teens and young adults are lonelier than any other age group. Posted Jul 26, After fleeing war-torn Burma, boys find joy in basketball Teen Life / Christian Living; Where can you find true joy? How to get in touch with the joy that God offers you. By Lucy Abbott 12 September For a season of my life, I struggled with a particular thorn - anxiety. Most of you have probably been acquainted with anxiety before. Maybe you've met it on the odd occasion (just before an exam for example), or maybe anxiety has seemed to have

Teens learn pretty quickly that life hurts sometimes. The next step is often forgotten.

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Yes it hurts, but what will change this hurt? How can this be different?

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How can I take something away from this pain? We need to inspire our kids to find a solution, find a reason and find a curiosity to change.

We need to go beyond, "it hurts and that stinks". Supposedly time heals all wounds, but time and a conscience effort to find the motivation to use the hurt in a productive way is how we teach happiness. This is not to say teens will find happiness every day, and sadly there will be brutal, awful hurts that it will be hard for even the happiest of persons to see the silver lining.

But it is a suggestion for handling the small crisis of being a teen along the way, so that happiness can set down some roots and gain strength for the big life events.

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Teens generally seek social connectedness, but may need reminders of what a true connection is. Teens may have friends online, but still feel lonely.

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Teens may sort through 's of tweets a day, but still not feel like they really know someone. They may take unlimited texting to a whole new level, but still not have a meaningful conversation for days.

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Our job as parents is to keep teaching them about meaningful connections. Encourage them to have face to face time with friends. Encourage your teen to meet each other for coffee or ice cream and put their phones away for a whole hour.

Do the same for yourself. Instead of posting an ate on Facebook, call your friend and have a ten minute conversation, or plan a lunch with a colleague or a walk with a neighbor you enjoy.

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The quality of conversation and the intensity of that friendship will improve. And in turn, you will be more connected and feel happier. This generation of teens may not ever know the connections of a true friendship, if we do not teach them the importance of making that face to face, electronic free time together happen.

Talk with your teen about gratitude. Not in terms of "you should be happy with what you have", or "you have no idea how easy you have it these days".

Ask questions instead. What friend do you trust the most?

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