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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use , which became effective December 20, The Iowa State High School wrestling tournament hit a bit of a snag when sophomore pounder Joel Northrup refused to wrestle against a girl in the state wrestling tournament. Northrup, had been favored to win the whole thing. He will be able to participate in the consolation rounds but can't win the title.

Last November while giving the teenager a ride home after a sporting event, Johnson pulled into an empty parking lot and allegedly toud the teen over his clothing and asked him if she could perform oral sex on him, court records show. The teen boy told Johnson no and requested that she take him home.

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After declining Johnson's advances, she then allegedly berated the teen, calling him a "wussy scaredy-cat," according to court documents. Later that day, Johnson sent multiple Snapchat messages to the teen asking if he had told anyone about what had happened in the parking lot, the criminal complaint shows, and added that if he did tell anyone, she would lose her job and her family.

Johnson also allegedly sent the teen multiple nude photos over Snapchat earlier this year, according to court records.

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In March or April while the teenager was at Johnson's residence watching TV, Johnson allegedly sat down on the couch next to the teen boy and started to touch his thigh. When the teen asked Johnson to move her hand because it made him uncomfortable, Johnson allegedly asked the teen if he wanted to have sex with her. SBN's Luke Thomas addressed the issues raised by the idea of inter-sex competition in combat sports :.

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All I'm pointing out is that in sparring, women compete against men in virtually all of the combat sports disciplines. But in sport jiu-jitsu, amateur wrestling at collegiate level and above, MMA, tae kwon do and judo, the sexes do no compete against one other.

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Part of this may be discriminatory holdover attitudes. Part of it is concerns for safety.

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Part of it participatory rates among women naturally preclude the possibility. But if we are going to permit this, is using the "smell test" really robust enough and reliable enough of an decision engine to answer the question?

It's deeply unsatisfying for me.

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While the female wrestler in question here is probably having to wade through more attention than she bargained for, her participation in the tournament demands the question about mixing sexes in combat sports get further consideration. Tom Scocca of Slate takes a straight up hater's perspective on the home schooled Northrup and his family's religious beliefs:.

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One easy way to have avoided the situation would have been for the Northrups to really stand by their beliefs and let high school sports be played by people who go to high school.

Out of all the students who attend Linn-Mar, there might be a pounder who would be willing to go to states and wrestle a girl, rather than sticking the team with a default loss. But entitlement means never having to sacrifice anything.

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The Northrups were too good or too godly for high school, but they weren't too good for high school sports, until high school sports turned out to include gender equality, at which point they wanted to drop out again.

Once the high school athletic system gave him a suitably male consolation-round opponent, Joel Northrup went back to being a participant.

It's like the ultra-Orthodox Jewish students who sued Yale in the '90s because they wanted to go the university but be segregated from the opposite sex. Either turn your back on the sinful world and its rights for women, or don't.

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Society isn't an a la carte menu, and the whole human race is not there to be your waiter. If you want to be a wrestler, wrestle your draw. The New York Times had an interesting in-depth look at girls' wrestling a couple of years back:.

Nationwide, about 5, high school girls wrestled last year, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations, nearly five times as many as a decade earlier.

Those numbers are no doubt low, since many states failed to report girls' wrestling participation, but whatever the full count, it is dwarfed by the quarter-million boys who wrestle. Now that women's wrestling is an Olympic sport, and, on some campuses, a college sport, girls' wrestling is poised to take off.

Earlier this week, a photo of a naked woman disrobing in front of three young boys at an art museum went viral on social media. The photo was taken during an interactive art exhibit three weeks ago in Estonia, according to the video apparently posted by the feminist artist herself, Mare Tralla. Here is a screenshot of the photo (The Daily Wire used an image that included censorship of the

There is a Catch Without many girls, there can't be girls' teams, and without girls' teams, wrestling can't attract all that many girls. The legal status of coed wrestling is not entirely clear, but in a few scattered cases, courts have ruled that if there is no girls' team for them, they should be able to join boys' teams.

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And the thing about Sophia is, she's very good. If you don't really fight, she'll pummel you.

The girls who come out for wrestling now, they go to wrestling camps in the summer. They're serious.

Videos of female wrestling, mixed and catfight available in various formats. Possibility of customized videos (you choose wrestlers, duration and rules) Police say a former Des Moines tear faces sex abuse and solicitation charges related to a year-old boy who was a former student. Makenzie Johnson, 8, is charged with lascivious acts with a Set in , Caught is a tuneful memory film of a shy teenager who is tempted by an alluring new student. Shot in Super 8, the Cinematographer was Kris White. Music

It's funny how quickly things change. I'm old enough to remember when Andy Kaufman would challenge women to wrestle as part of his stand-up comedy act in the early s.

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