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IMPORTANT: If you have a Hotmail, Outlook. com or other Microsoft email address, please do not use it for your Maman subs more. Join our Red Bottom Club for access to more than exclusive spanking memories, some of them in audio format too! A mont more. My parents were regular churchgoers, and during the main part of the service the children would go into a Sunday school, more. I want to tell you about the one and only time I got the slipper at school.

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It was a fun place to hang out, but as the cousin counterparts my age were boys, and candidly, both kind of jerks, I did not spend nearly as much time over there as my sister or brothers. This was at the dawn of the home computer age, and the COMPAQ Presario! was kept in a basement office that my uncle ran a couple of side businesses out of. The office was strictly off limits to all the kids, as was his computer. As relayed to my sis from our cousin Judi, Jackson had been busted a couple times before for going in the office.

She thought he was looking for cash that my uncle sometimes had in there. My aunt, who was judge, jury and executioner, sentenced him to a paddling. This would have been a huge deal there. My aunt definitely played favorites, and Jackson was the golden boy who she always gave every benefit of the doubt.

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It was extraordinarily rare for him to be punished, let alone paddled. To the rest of us, he was smarmy, sneaky and deceitful, but to her, he was the clear favourite.

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I truly wish I had been there to see that spanking, not only because it was so rare that he got one, but also because, according to Judi and my sis, Jackson was very generously endowed. I should mention that because my sis had run off and gotten married so young, my folks kind of kept tight reins on me.

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I was not yet allowed to date at that point and so my only exposure to male anatomy came when I saw one of my brothers or cousins have to pull down their pants for a spanking. Fast forward to a couple days later. My aunt calls my mom and relays what had happened and how she had punished Jackson. It seems about a day after that, Julia had come forward and told my aunt she had seen my brother Patrick coming out of the office that day and looking very nervous.

You have to understand the relationship dynamic between my mom and my aunt. There was a very weird competitive thing they had around the kids, not just for things like academics or sports, but also around behavior.

If my brother had indeed been guilty of this crime, it was making mom look bad as a parent and woe unto you if you were the reasons for that. I was upstairs, but I could hear mom talking to my brother. I knew from years of experience with these kind of interrogations that she was laying her traps and eventually, if my brother was guilty, he would trip himself up.

Mom starts to press and panic sets in and slowly my brother starts to crumble. Mom brings it back full circle. By this time, I have made my way to the living room and can see into the kitn where this conversation is taking place. My brother hems and haws some, shifting from one foot to the other.

Mom stares at him, arms crossed. My brother has not yet developed the skill of total denial to the bitter end. He caves and fesses up to playing with the computer. Mom says nothing, but the glare she is giving radiates anger. Now she will have to call my aunt and concede that it was one of her kids who not only caused this problem but let one of her kids take the fall for it.

She dispats my brother to an empty corner in the kitn, a precursor in our house to an imminent bottom warming. I hear her on the phone with my aunt telling her what she has uncovered. See you in a few minutes. About 15 minutes later there is knock at the back door. Mom tells me to answer it. It is my aunt and she has Jackson in tow, looking even smarmier than usual.

As they enter, the first sight they see is Patrick with his nose stuck in the corner and hands at his side. Mom comes in the kitn and asks if my aunt wants tea.

I thought I would write and tell you about a spanking I kind of partially witnessed, some years back now, when I went round more. Back in the s, seeing a parent smack a child was quite commonplace, and even in public it was not unusual to see an angr more. My mom and dad have always been practising Christians, and every Sunday morning my brother and I would be dragged off to t more.

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By the time I was 10 years old, my mother thought me too big for a spanking when I misbehaved, and so when she believed disci more. By the time me and my best friend Gavin were 12 years old, I think it had been some years since either of us had been put over t more. When I was in college, I worked part time as a night supervisor at a local motel to earn some money. My shift generally ran f more. I remember everything like it was yesterday.

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It was spring and I was eight years old. It was another long weekend of my sta more. I think I would be about six, in my second year of primary school in the UK, and this was the mids.

As I mentioned in an ear more. At the time of this interview, French single mother Anne-Laure was 27 and living on the outskirts of Lyon with her two chi more. In this audio version of the original story, grandmother Imogen recalls how she brought up her own son - with lots of love more.

This happened to me when I was 14 years old. United States : four youths being lashed in Chicago courtroom, United States : year-old spanked by mother on the order of the court, United States : police station paddling of juvenile delinquent in Ohio picturesc. United States : police station paddling of three young teens in California, Zimbabwe at the time Rhodesia : preparations for caning, s. Australia and other allied forces : military flogging in "Dunsterforce", two pictures.

India : army cadet punished with a hockey stick, no date also video clip. Iran : boy being caned on the soles of his feet in workshop, c. Nepal : Gurkha trainees lightly caned en massealso video clip.

South Africa : an African flogged at the wagon wheel, Boer War, c. South Korea : trousers-down caning for two soldiers, possibly real but could be a scene from a fictional film. Sri Lanka : female army recruits in training are encouraged with stick, also video clip. Thailand : young soldiers caned in front of their peers, c. United Kingdom : army lad gets an unofficial slippering, c. Canada : Store owner spanking failed robber, also video clip.

Chile : Pants-down whipping for teen thieves, also video clip.

China : China bank employees spanked in front of colleagues, also video clip. Peru : Youth being strapped by his father over his shorts, apparently under police supervision, also video clip. Russia : Teen weightlifters strapped for smoking, also video clip.

Russia : Soldiers bare their buttocks for a belting jocularc. Sweden : Goalkeeper of national football team bending over with shorts down for punishment by target practice, United States : Jocular over-the-knee paddling by fraternity house mother, Alabama, United States : Fraternity paddling, Pomona College, Calif.

United States : Pants-down fraternity paddling, apparently in the present day, source unknown. United States : Paddling, Alpha Sigma Delta fraternity, unknown college, possibly s or s. United States : Mass paddling, unknown college, possibly s or s. United States : "Assume the Angle", another vintage college paddling picture. United States : Spanking of man who allegedly slept with underage girl, also video clip.

Botswana : Weals on buttocks after judicial caning, Botswana : Small picture showing weals on buttocks of illegally caned woman aged 24, Brunei : school students look at picture supposedly showing the results of a judicial caning, c. Guatemala : scars on back after whipping with peach tree brans, Indonesia : scars on back being treated immediately after flogging, Isle of Man : weals partly visible on back of youths' thighs, a few days after receiving a heavy birching, Jersey : weals on teen boy's groin, a few days after inept application of birch, Malaysia : bleeding buttocks, evidently immediately after caning.

Malaysia : bloody, mashed-up buttocks after very heavy caning WARNING: extremely graphic picture, not for the squeamish. Malaysia : wealed buttocks during and immediately after caning, still pictures taken from genuine video of judicial canings. Malaysia : several pictures of various different caned buttocks, on show at prison exhibition, Malaysia : closer view of picture of caned buttocks at prison exhibition.

Malaysia : scarred buttocks after judicial caning, date unknown. Malaysia : another photograph of a detainee's recently wealed posterior. Singapore : scarred buttocks some time after caning several different pictures.

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Singapore : bleeding buttocks immediately after caning two different pictures. Singapore : buttocks of year-old Dickson Tan, 12 months after he received 8 strokes of the cane in South Africa : marks on buttocks and legs after lashes with sjambok administered by people's court, Thailand : two youths show cane weals and bruises on their buttocks, claiming to have been illegally whipped by police.

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Zimbabwe : bruised buttocks after illicit paddling of regime opponent, Brunei : and another,this time with members of the public invited to try their hand. China : drawing of bare-bottom caning in imperial court, possibly Qing Dynasty Iran known at the time as Persia : print of foot-caning scene falaka or bastinado. Jamaica : scenes from filmed reconstruction of prison-yard judicial flogging with tamarind switch, s.

Korea : modern re-enactment by museum visitors of ancient flogging punishment. Korea : another flogging re-enactment, in period costume, as an animation. Korea : four paintings or engravings depicting judicial caning or paddling.

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Malaysia : official photograph taken from filmed reconstruction of judicial caning. Malaysia : stills from filmed reconstruction of judicial caning, s. Malaysia : pictures from Pudu Prison exhibition, including more stills from a different filmed reconstruction, Malaysia : graphic showing juvenile judicial caning under way in open court, Malaysia : series of stills in which a prison officer demonstrates the difference between caning under Syariah law and caning under criminal code, Malaysia : graphic showing the procedure for Syariah caning of woman, Malaysia : another diagram illustrating the Syariah caning of woman, Malaysia : yet another illustration of the modus operandi for caning women, Russia : 19th-century police station birching, as imagined by a 20th-century painter.

Russia : "Preparation for flogging", artist's impression, early 20th century. Russia : Judicial birching of a peasant, painting, early 20th century.

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Singapore : official inaccurate diagram of caning procedure, Singapore : Asiaweek diagram of caning procedure, Singapore : posed picture on book cover purportedly reconstructing caning of Michael Fay, Singapore : teenagers watch prison officer demonstrating caning on dummy, Singapore : computer-generated representation of caning under way in prison. United Kingdom : inaccurate re-enactment of Scottish juvenile birching.

United Kingdom : staged reconstruction of prison flogging, from an unusually accurate film, United Kingdom : prison flogging,probably a posed scene from a film. United Kingdom : inaccurate drawing of juvenile birching, 19th century. United Kingdom : drawing of police administering birching to a boy as ordered by magistrates court, pre United States : artist's coloured drawing of courtroom spanking of teens in Indiana, United States : staged reconstruction of the above also video clip.

United States : modern artist's impression of early colonial flogging in Carolina, c. Vietnam : theatrical sketch representing a judicial caning before a magistrate, possibly c. Austrian Empire : Frieze on a building in Prague showing young Czech soldier being caned by Austrian officer, c.

China Tibet : Tableau or model showing ancient flogging punishment. Singapore : demonstration of caning at Boys' Town, a home for troubled teenagers, United Kingdom : artist's impression of a senior Approved School reformatory inmate being officially caned, c.

United Kingdom : artist's impression of flogging of junior seaman over the bare breech on board ship, c. United Kingdom : computer-generated impression of flogging of junior seaman over the bare breech on board ship, c. United Kingdom : artist's impression of flogging of adult naval rating with a cat-o'-nine-tails on board ship, c. United Kingdom : another drawing of a traditional 19th-century or earlier naval flogging.

United Kingdom : artist's impression of informal flogging of a sailor with the rope's end on board ship, 19th century. United Kingdom : drawing of a formal caning on board a Royal Navy training ship, c.

United Kingdom : artist's impression of the formal caning of a boy seaman on board ship, United Kingdom : "Flogging in the New Militia", anti-militia propaganda poster, United Kingdom : artist's impression of British Army ceremonial flogging, 18th century.

United Kingdom : artist's impression of British Army caning in Burmese jungle, United States : drawing of "spanking" in Civil War prison camp, United States : prison warden demonstrates flogging with strap, Colorado, United States : staged photo of flogging with strap, Colorado, no date.

Denmark : mediaeval drawing of school students with schoolmaster holding birch. Germany : posed photograph of student bending over for pretend caning demonstration in a school museum, c. Germany : another, rather less authentic-looking, caning demonstration in a school museum.

Germany : caning demonstration at the school museum in Sulzbach-Rosenberg,supposedly representing Germany : caning demonstration at the Bauerhofmuseum in Illerbeuren, Bavaria, Germany : preparation for punishment in a village school, painting, 19th century.

Germany : staged picture of supposed punishment with a carpet-beater, Germany : famous painting of schoolmaster with cane confronting naughty schoolboys, probably c. Germany : boy, 11, pretends to be caned as photo stunt for ceremony of putting school cane in museum, Munich, Germany : drawing of schoolboys taking revenge with birs on their master on one day a year when tables were turned by tradition, Malaysia : demonstration of caning as a warning to new first-year secondary students, Malaysia : drawing of a secondary school caning with translation of explanatory text.

Myanmar Burma : posed photograph of schoolgirl holding hands out for rulering, New Zealand : posed press photograph showing young student touching his toes and being caned. Singapore : senior student demonstrates position required for receiving routine caning at Catholic boys' school, South Africa : photo showing student in school uniform bending over for the cane, pre, presumably posed but positioning is authentic.

South Korea : youth members of Democratic Labour Party give a mock caning demonstration as part of their campaign against CP, Spain : painting by Goya, c. United Kingdom : artist's impression of schoolboy bending over for a classroom slippering.

United Kingdom : a caning in the housemaster's study, being acted out for a stage play, United Kingdom : four mediaeval representations of school CP. United Kingdom : mediaeval woodcut shows schoolroom birching in progress. United Kingdom : drawing of schoolboy about to be caned in classroom, c. United Kingdom : artist's impression, not necessarily authentic, of a student being bird in front of the school in a traditional private so-called "public" boys' school, from a rather unreliable book first published in United Kingdom : silly posed picture of schoolboy pretending to be caned on the hand.

United Kingdom : drawing of an Eton Pop-tanning in progress, as practised until about United Kingdom : drawing in silhouette of traditional English school caning by headmaster. United Kingdom : modern lithograph imagines William Shakespeare about to be bird as a schoolboy c. United Kingdom : modern painting of imagined English classroom birching in the 16th century. United Kingdom : another imagined English classroom birching in history, wrongly shows punishment over trousers. United Kingdom : photograph of student bending over for a rulering at front of class, but it's all in fun I thinkboys' secondary school, United Kingdom : posed picture of Scottish primary school tawse in use.

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United States : pretend paddling of senior student at a high school in Arkansas, posed for jocular effect, c. United States : college students pretending to paddle a fellow-student with huge planks, Texas, early 20th century.

United States : 19th-century school caning re-enacted for a modern play. United States : artist's impressions of various modi operandi for paddling students. United States : child receiving over-the-knee paddling with "the board of education", presumably a posed picture, possibly c.

United States : senior girl student paddles senior boy student on "student takeover day", high school, Kentucky, United States : paddling scene from a fictional film set in the s, unusual position adopted. United States : paddling by the Dean of Men, Hardaway High School, Georgia, posed for yearbook, United States : posed paddling scene, from Georgia high-school yearbook, United States : posed paddling scene, unknown junior high-school yearbook, United States : posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, date unknown.

United States : posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, possibly s. United States : sixth-grade paddling, picture posed for amusement by real tear, United States : posed photograph of elementary student being paddled in front of country schoolhouse, allegedly in United States : posed press photograph of student being paddled, United States : posed press photograph of schoolgirl clutching bottom as though just paddled, United States : posed photograph of schoolboy bending over for a switching in the classroom, Australia : A schoolboy's caning by his housemaster is secretly captured on camera, s.

Barbados : Tardy boys caned on arrival at school two pictures Barbados : A less cropped version of one of the above two pictures, Botswana : A senior schoolboy receives a caning in class, also video clip. Cameroon : Secondary students stripped and flogged in school yard, Canada : Sequence of pictures of boy being paddled at private school, also video clips.

China : Punishment with huge martial arts sticks, allegedly at Shaolin martial arts academy, no date. Germany : classroom caning of elementary schoolboy, s possibly a scene from a film, but might be real. Ivory Coast : punishment in secondary school yard, also video clip. Jamaica : classroom strapping of girl on hand, undated file picture possibly posed but might be real.

Japan : Caning of young man at cycle racing school also video clip.

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Japan : Another caning under way at the cycle racing school on a different occasion. Japan : classroom caning with bamboo sword, s.

Japan : several classroom canings, and boys clutching buttocks in anticipation as they wait in line to be caned, s.

Then, of course, there are the majority of boys who are usually quite well behaved and are simply embarrassed that they have to bare it all for a girl. The proper thing for a girl babysitting a boy like that would be to gently tell the boy that it's o.k. to be embarrassed, he

Japan : thought to be from the same school, but possibly more recent, another picture of a student being caned with a kendo sword. Japan : another schoolboy being caned in front of watching classmates, s.

Japan : a more recent picture of a student being caned with a kendo sword, possibly real but could be posed. Japan : student at martial arts academy bending over for punishment with cane, may be posed. Kenya : schoolgirl being caned at the blackboard as classmates watch, date unknown. Kenya : 10 secondary schoolboys being caned hard across the backside, see also video clip.

Kenya : Senior student gets an English-style caning, also video clip.

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Lebanon : school student being caned on soles of feet, Liberia : President Taylor caning his own daughter in front of class, Malaysia : secondary student receiving the cane in school office while another awaits his turn, might be posed, but quite possibly real for the real thing captured on film, see video clips.

Malaysia : another boy being caned in the same school office, presumably at the same session as above, Pakistan : Cadet college residents caned outdoors also video clip.

Singapore : secondary student gets two strokes of the cane in front of his class, c.

Singapore : secondary school boy being caned on stage in front of whole school, c. Singapore : sequence of five pictures showing the caning of a school student on stage, Singapore : computer-generated artist's impression of the above, several angles.

Singapore : year-old being caned in front of his class "class caning" South Africa : senior male secondary student undergoing "six of the best" at private school, also video clip.

South Africa : high-school girl being caned, also video clip. South Africa : senior schoolgirls being caned, also video clip. South Africa : secondary students caned at school gate as they arrive late, South Africa : secondary boy and girl caned on hands in class, New! South Africa : unidentified pictures of illegal punishment with plastic ruler possibly posed but might be real South Korea : canings at the school gatehouse for latecomers, Seoul High School, probably c. South Korea : paddling of secondary schoolboys in a corridor, c.

South Korea : senior student adopts the classic Korean position for receiving the cane across seat of trousers, outdoor view. South Korea : secondary boys being caned in front of their mixed class, two pictures. South Korea : schoolgirls being caned, cellphone captures, s also video clips.

South Korea : mass punishment of students outside school, not clear whether it includes CP, s. South Korea : numerous school students in sports uniform being whacked on their backsides, c. South Korea : pupils spanked with a ruler for arriving late to school, Taiwan : junior high school boy being paddled in front of class, also video clip. Taiwan : four teenage boys soundly caned by their swimming coach, also video clip. Tanzania : young boy caned by headmistress, also video clip.

Tanzania : senior student being caned in classroom, c. Thailand : caning of schoolboy in front of class, also video clip. Thailand : boys caned in the school office across the seat of their shorts, s.

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Thailand : school student being caned across his bottom by lady tear, no date. Thailand : flexible rattan wielded at front of class by lady tear, no date. Thailand : caning of novice monk at Buddhist temple school, also video clip. Tonga : caning by prefects, also video clips. Uganda : senior girl student being caned in presence of parents, Uganda : girls being caned outside school for lateness, United Kingdom : housemaster caning a boy at Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire, c.

United Kingdom : Christian Brother wielding the strap at a Roman Catholic grammar school, date unknown.

Robin Thicke Accused of Spanking and Punching His Six-Year-Old Son. Splash News TV. Rooma Syedain, 10 Year old, Inam Ali Syedain,9 Year Old, Subhan Ali Syedain, 7 Year Old, Youngest Microsoft Certified IT Professional, (1) Md. Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before spanking. It's Always a Good Time It's always a good time for him to learn one lesson or another. Consensual spanking is a form of physical, mental, and emotional therapy that is a powerful vehicle for bodily stress release, self-improvement, and breaking through emotional From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit haveaheartwashoe.com Clip ref KLP1 2 60

United Kingdom : prefect's caning at a boys' boarding school, s. United Kingdom : "sponsored canings" at comprehensive school open day, c. United States : a high-school senior gets his last paddling before graduating, Arkansas, c. United States : high-school student in North Carolina receiving birthday spanking in class, also video clip.

United States probably : over-the-knee switching at front of class, early 20th century?

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United States : boy being paddled at a New Orleans school, also video clip. United States : high school footballer being paddled for poor grades while teammates watch, United States : paddle swat being delivered to unseen Louisiana school student, c. United States : recent paddlings of high school students also video clips. United States : elementary student being paddled in school cafeteria, United States : whacking with a stick on school stage, possibly c.

United States : high-school boys being paddled in Butler, Pennsylvania, also video clip. United States : improper paddling at Tennessee high school, also video clip. United States possibly : female student supposedly receives ruler over knuckles, probably a posed picture, date and purpose unknown.

This is a spanking recollection that I did not witness and only heard about after the fact. It involved the older of my two younger brothers, who was around 1 at the time. When this incident took place, I was already married and out of the house, but my sister Cara, United States: two boys spanked by Mom for wrecking the fence, old posed picture. United States: a spanking for young John, watd by sister and big brother, old jocular posed picture. United States: young boy gets spanked over father's knee, cs, possibly a scene from a film The pre-spanking lecture while you stood there exposed was the ultimate in embarrassment, especially on those occasions where it was witnessed by others. I had not seen either of these two spanked in at least a couple of years and I took notice of the body changes in both that had taken place in the interim

Vietnam : schoolboy receives a caning at front of class, also video clip. Zimbabwe possibly : secondary student receives "six of the best" in front of class also video clip. India : cartoon of bad-tempered schoolmaster brandishing cane at kids, India : cartoon of young schoolboys getting a pants-down rulering from angry schoolmarm, Malaysia : cartoon by "Lat" on controversy over school discipline, New Zealand : 2 cartoons on Rongotai College "video caning" controversy, United Kingdom : freshly caned boarding-school boy writes home to parents, early 20th century.

United Kingdom : "Smith Minor, it is now my painful duty to cane you. Do you wish me at any particular angle, Sir? United Kingdom : slippering of prep school boy, Speaking Clock advert, United Kingdom : Cartoon of schoolboy bending over for a caning, United Kingdom : David Langdon cartoon "If 'e's naughty United Kingdom : over-the-knee spanking in school football lesson, c.

United Kingdom : Belsky cartoon on sexual equality girls to be caned as well as boys United States : "A Maine Schoolmarm Spanks a Young Man who Would not Obey the Rules", old cartoon of classroom paddling, source and date not stated, poss.

The spanking I'm talking about here happened about 20 years ago - but I still remember it like it was yesterday.&n more. Bottled up anger. I'll always be in awe of how my mum managed to keep discipline in a home of three small boys, and yet only once (at lea more >knees and started spanking him. She was wearing those >short shorts which were fashionable at the time during >summertime, so the boy was lying completely naked over >her bare thighs. >What impressed me was the boy rubbing and squirming on >her bare thigh with each swat. I must admit that I got >excited watching this and had to let off as soon SELECT THE SEVERITY OF SPANKING CAUSE; CLICK ON THE BUTTON, THE NUMBER OF 'SWATS' APPEARS IN THE WINDOW BELOW THE SELECTIONS. YOU MAY HAVE TO CLICK YOUR SELECTION TWICE TO GET A RESULT. If that doesn't work, click in the # of spankings display window. A spanking contract form and a 'random' implement selector are provided as well

United States : Four cartoons suggesting different ways of punishing schoolboys, United States : schoolmarm drags boy out of class to cloakroom for a whipping, United States : cartoon of school whipping implements accompanying article on Supreme Court ruling, United States : "Maybe we can ship them back to the factory", cartoon by Kirk on the abolition of school paddling in Ohio, Australia : buttocks of Alan Stephens, 12, after being punished with beach bat, Malaysia : buttocks of Mohd Ashrul Abdul Razak, 12, after classroom caning, Malaysia : buttocks of Mohd Roziman Roppie, 14, after school caning, South Africa : unidentified boy's buttocks after punishment with sjambok, Cefups Academy, Mpumalanga, South Africa : buttocks of year-old boy caned illegally at school, South Africa : partial view of buttocks of year-old boy caned illegally at school, South Africa : buttocks of Johnny Buckingham, 15, after "six of the best", poor quality photo.

South Africa : buttocks of Morne, 17, after headmaster's caning, v.

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