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Her name was Kay Blackwell. I never knew my grandpa. He died long before I was born. Grandma told me that he had suffered a heart attack. My grandma was a very strict woman, over protected and grouchy at the most.

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Mitll looked at me and just laughed. They both untied my legs and I thought they might just put the Goodnite on over my pants but ohhhh no I was wrong.

Mitll began unbuttoning my jeans and they slid the zipper on my fly open and pulled down my jeans. I was sooooooo embarrassed. I had on a pair of boxer shorts with racing car on them. Off came my boxers. I was lying there half naked in front of my best friends. I couldn't believe they had done this to me. Alex had the "honors" of pulling up the Goodnites. All of a sudden I felt a great feeling it was great. Still it was over powered by having some of my friends putting them on me.

They tied my legs back up and started on untying my hands. Then they pulled off my shirt. I was just lying there in a Goodnite and I couldn't do anything. Then came the teasing "awww look at the ickle baby" Mitll said. Alex came back a few minutes later carrying two sippy cups his mom often looked after his younger cousins". One was full of milk the other was just water. Mitll held my nose while Alex poured the liquids down my throat.

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I had no choice, I had to swallow. well, I'm sure we can think of something. They closed the drapes and turned out the light and shut the door.

About 2 hours later of just lying there I needed to pee badly.

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They came in asking "what? I'll be good I promise" I said.

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I realized I was speaking to my friends as if they were my parents. Then they laughed and said "go on, pee. We'll be back soon".

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I heard the front door of the house close. I struggled and struggled against the ropes but I couldn't get them off no matter how hard I tried. Then it happened, I couldn't hold it any longer. The warm rush of pee into the Goodnite felt strangely nice. I laid there in the pee while it went cold. A couple of minutes later the front door opened again. They opened the door, opened the drapes and the window.

I moaned. Have you peed yet" they asked. They untied my legs and I struggled this time and actually kicked Alex in the nose. He looked at me with tears in his eyes "ohhhhhh your gonna get it" he said.

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He pinned my legs down. I was so shocked I had kicked my friend in the nose that I didn't even struggle anymore.

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Whenever they see her, they run the other way. My grandma rarely speaks to neighbors.

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She said. She does not have time for young adults, that they are very disrespectful people. That really burns the inside of my stomach.

I swear whenever I am at Grandma I hear strange noises there. Grandma says it is just the wind or squirrels up in the rooftop, but I know better. I told Mom Sheila what I hear and she laughs at Me. That sucks! Therefore, another season and school are out for the summer.

This time I am going to find out what is grandma has in her basement.

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Grandma: Summer break. Beside grandmother, want you there with her. You know she is old and may not live a long time, so stop it with the complaining, ok. I laid my bags near the front door and sat on them, until my mom finds her car keys.

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She is always misplacing them. Are you ready to go? I grab the small bags and mom grabs the big bag, and off we go, heading to grandmas. On the way there, I sat quietly in the back seat staring out the window.

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Mom on the phone, I am guessing she is talking to her new boyfriend. I give her a stare of a sad face. I will not let you go stay at your dad. His lifestyle is not right.

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I did not say anything else for the rest of the way. When we arrived at grandma house, Grandma was waiting, sitting and reading a book.

Mom parked her car, jumps out excitedly, to hug grandma. Grandma made her way toward the car. Even though I did not want to, I did.

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I gave grandma a hug and a kiss on her ek. The feeling inside my stomach twists and turns.

"Yeah" I said. "Good boy" Mitll said. They untied my legs and I struggled this time and actually kicked Alex in the nose. He looked at me with tears in his eyes "ohhhhhh your gonna get it" he said. He pinned my legs down. I was so shocked I had kicked my friend in the nose that I didn't even struggle anymore As a low-key follow-up to another recent break-up film selection, All's Fair, (a pensive ying to the latter film's ostentatious yang), Michael Callahan's We're Having Sex is a character piece at its core. Shot in essentially one location and only focusing on two actors, it's a slow build examination of a relationship that has gotten Get Tickets for the Conference: Instagram: is the student led film, that unveil

My heartbeats felt as if it had tripled. Then I slowly walked toward the front door. The house was very big and creepy looking from outside, but nice inside. I wanted to roll my eyes, but I did not because, it makes her angry. I unpack my bags and place my shoes neatly against the wall inside the closet. Then I hear that growling sound again as usual. A very scary sound, like someone is in pain or something. Then it stops.

If anyone told me my boredom would get me laid I won't believe, this story is about my first sexual experience, I feel like writing about it, not because it's kinky, but I have the urge to, every word in this story is true though I omitted some part (you don't have to know everything)

I turned around so fast and ran down the stairway. Is there anything you need? Grandma did you hear that strange noise? You always hear strange noises, when you come to stay. It sounded like it was coming from the basement.

Grandma laughed at me as if I were crazy or just making things up. I laugh a little.

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Grandma dropped a pitr of Kool-Aid breaking the pitr. She curses, as she quickly dropped down on her knees to clean and soak up the Kool-Aid. That she does not want me to see.

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Later that night after I ate dinner, I went up to my room to watch television. I can hear Grandma downstairs in the living area playing her oldies, and the smell of Marijuana aroma.

I was curious to find out what she is hiding in that basement. Grandma kept cking for me to see if I were asleep.

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It puzzled me w hy. However, whatever down there I was soon to find o ut.

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I lay across my bed with a pillow under my chin, with support of my crossed arms. Then I hears it again, the horrific sounds of a crying person, sending chills throughout my body. I hid myself in the closet, holding on tightly to a baseball bat, I brought with me.

I hid in the closet until I felt safe to come out. Therefore, I changed into my pajamas and lay in the bed as if I were asleep.

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