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Here are the top ten of Lip's greatest lovers, ranked. After his affair with Helene falls apart and he loses Amanda and his dorm room more on both of these belowLip seems to be having some trouble with something he definitely never had trouble with before. He's seen unsuccessfully trying to sleep with the many sorority girls surrounding him at his newly acquired living arrangement as the sorority houseboy. RELATED: 10 Shameless Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words.

When lip joins Debbie and Mandy in their mission to bring down the local sex offenders in the community, he gets more than he bargained for when he ends up at ex-tear Blake's house. When he tries to prove that she's an offender, she falls into his plan and seduces him, and he is able to snap a picture of the encounter.

But instead of turning her in, he has sex with her and keeps the photo to himself. Mandy takes matters into her own hands, scaring away the tear by digging a grave in her yard. Lip slept with Tami's sister in season 9 after finding out that Tami slept with her ex, Boone.

Tami was able to move past the act pretty fast once Lip pointed out that they were even. This proved that Lip wasn't really over Tami and that they should give an exclusive relationship a try.

And Tami taking Lip back, even after he slept with her own sister, proves that she is willing to accept him for who he is, which becomes important later on. So Corey was important to Lip's story, though she wasn't ever meant to be more than a one night stand. Eddie was rough both in and out of the bedroom, though their fling was more of a distraction for Lip in season 8. Although it wasn't the most ridiculous relationship on the show, it was clear the two were never going to lead to anything meaningful and the best thing she gave Lip was Xan.

Eddie shows her flakey side and disappears without warning, leaving behind her orphaned little sister. Lip takes care of her until she leaves with her sister in season 9. Her abandonment of Xan may have given Lip an attachment for life and reinforced his desire to be a father, but it broke any chance of Lip ever seeing Eddie as a love interest due to his moral alignment.

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When viewers first meet Amanda, it is as Lip's roommate's controlling friend with benefits. However, it isn't long before she sets her sights on Lip, proceeding to sdule out every ct of his life, their sexual interactions included. He knows it's serious when she invites him to meet her parents.

Things take a turn when they offer Lip money to stay away from Amanda, revealing where she gets her controlling nature. It seemed all the boys on the beach under 5 and me did not have a swimsuit on today. It made for a cute photo. Nothing says fun like getting together with some of your closest buds and running around in loincloths. For a culture that is supposedly built on modesty and reserve, no one beats the Japanese for coming up with excuses to get naked Theres no stopping these kids from indulging in a trash infested baywalk shore.

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Going against his usual roles (Kev in Shameless and Van in Reba), in Game Over, Man! Howey plays Rich, a "bad guy and a goon" who happens to be gay and works alongside his lover (Mac Brandt Now that you've been introduced the Gallaghers, it's time to look back on just how shameless, awkward and hilarious the promiscuous exploits from this show actually are. *SPOILER ALERT* Here are 15 promiscuous scenes that are so shameless, they even put Shameless to shame 17 Meet Fiona Steve Howey, who brings Kev to life on Shameless, is best known for this combination of masculine demeanor, naivety, and heart of gold that he has mastered onscreen in roles in shows like Reba and

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Two young boys look toward the lake at the edge of the water. One is a nudist boy. He squats and only his back and the side are shown. This beach is not a nudist beach, and he was the only nudist I saw on that day. The other boy is wearing a tee shirt and pants and is sitting on the log separating the sandy beach and the water Though Shameless is chock-full of attractive so-and-sos (Lip Gallagher is a classic case of tragically hot bad boy that we can all appreciate), there's just something about the bar owner that gets

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Sarmi kids by Michael Thirnbeck. Kids having fun on the beach near Sarmi, Papua province, Indonesia. Whispers Of The Past by Lucie Smith. by Vasu Rao. you said you will not make fun of me!! take a walk on the wild side by Phuong Nguyen. my photographer friends im thinking seriously about coming back to where i started with photography: the streets!!! i will stop doing things in studio for a while and for a change Touch your lips just so I know In your eyes, love, it glows so I'm bare-boned and crazy for you When you come crash into me, baby And I come into you In a boys dream In a boys dream If I've gone overboard Then I'm begging you to forgive me In my haste When I'm holding you so girl close to me DMB.

taken at Phi Phi Don Island in Thailand. Cebu, Barangay Alaska - Children by Mio Cade. Children having each other company in Baseco village. The short-lived couple's dirty deed in his cop car was so hot, that her riding him in the front seat is everywhere. However, finding them without extreme nudity involved, not so easy at all. Go figure!

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Anyways, Fiona wasn't talking to Steve after he dropped Frank off in Toronto. So, by the third episode she appeared to have already moved on to Tony the cop. He invited her out to a school event and bang! The next scene with them together happens to be them in the front seat of his police car.

Plus, they were right outside of the school. That was all it took for Tony to have stars in his eyes. Fiona was to meet his parents for their second date, but she stood him up to go back to Steve. All the while, Steve wasn't even Steve.

He was really Jimmy! Promiscuity so shameless that it even puts Shameless to Shame. It seemed as though everybody was getting lucky in the beginning of Shameless.

Even Ian, who was still in the closet back then. Although, that didn't stop him from having not one, but two love interests in season one. He went from banging Kash, the owner of the Kash and Grab store where he worked, to tough guy Mickey Milkovich, who he's been in love with ever since. As if that wasn't enough, he also caused Mandy from down the street to form a major crush on him he tripped a tear who was giving her a hard time at school.

Mandy had no clue that Ian wasn't wired that way. One day they ended up on the couch together and her special way of thanking him was to pull out a string of condoms.

Ian rejected her, and Mandy had no idea as to why. So, she ran from the house crying. Ian came clean about his sexuality later and the pair agreed to have a fake relationship.

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That's attempted, yet shamelessly failed promiscuity at its finest. Remember when we mentioned Sheila? She was the freaky, agoraphobic neighbor who Frank is shacking up with.

That's Karen, her daughter that you see in the scene above. In the beginning she was blonde, had a thing with Lip, and was very promiscuous. Karen's revenge was to dye her hair black, get her nose pierced, and to seduce Frank. Frank wasn't feeding into it at first, but she finally caught him completely wasted and took advantage of him. Next comes the scene where she's grinding on Frank as if there was no tomorrow. Here's the real kicker She aired the whole event on her video blog.

Karen also emails the video to Daddy dearest, who goes after Frank, but ends up killing himself. Can Shameless get anymore shameful than this?

Lip Gallagher has grown up in front of viewers of Shameless and during his path to adulthood he has had quite a few lovers. Some have had a huge impact on his life while others just provided momentary distractions. RELATED: Shameless: Best & Worst Relationships, Ranked But all of them added to Lip's story and showed viewers how the character handled the various situations he found himself in

Season two brought Fiona to a whole new level of shameless. Especially, when she knowingly slept with her married high school flame, Craig. Their relationship started out innocent enough, but something happened to send Fiona on a downward spiral.

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The next thing you know, Fiona's is in his family vehicle looking appalled as she looks around at his kid's toys flung everywhere, while he's humping the crap out of her. I would love to say Fiona was able to walk away and forget this shameful event, but nope. An episode later and Craig's wife popped up to deck Fiona in the face and chase her through the house with Fiona's own bat!

To make matters worse, Craig and his wife popped up again later. Only this time it was so he could ask them both for forgiveness at the behest of their priest.

While this was going on, Fiona's latest fling was standing by watching the events unfold. That's shameless. That's Frank and Dottie that you see above. Only, Frank and the other men at the bar chose to call her Butterface because she had an incredibly hot body, but a super ugly face. While drinking at The Alibi one day, Frank overheard that Dottie had a pension ck coming and that she was waiting for a heart transplant. He showed up at her door to play handyman and to get her into bed.

Frank's plan changed when he realized that Dottie would die if she had sex because of her heart. Instead he talked her into becoming his wife so that her pension cks wouldn't go to waste when she died. Frank wooed her by saying that he'd light a candle for her every day. He also removed her from the transplant list, which made his plan backfire. Dottie decided that she wanted go out with a bang, if you know what I mean.

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Unfortunately for Frank, this was before they made it down the aisle. However, Frank did the deed and got the two grand she promised him from the freezer afterward. Shameless Frank, just shameless. So, Eddie had committed suicide and Karen's rebellious promiscuity landed her in sex addict's anonymous. It was there that she met Jody, who she married.

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Karen eventually grew tired of Jody and kicked him out, but he would still come around to help Sheila with her hospice patients. It wasn't long before Jody and Sheila ended up doing the do, sometime in between, during, and after these helpful acts of faith.

Jody was actually a little gun shy about Sheila's toy fetish. Although, not for reasons you might think.

Kev gets a job in a gay bar

He was worried that adding the toys would bring back his insatiable sexual urges, which had lead him to sex addict's anonymous. Sheila enlisted Frank to talk to Jody because he understood her "needs". Sheila's plan worked and she got what she wanted, but Jody's drive went into overdrive.

He went so overboard with role-playing and toys, that even Sheila got sick of it. Although, it was mostly because she wasn't used to being on the receiving end of the gadgets. A bit of shameless karma, perhaps? In the scene above, Lip, Ian and a few of their neighbors hit the block planning to beat up the neighborhood pedophiles that Lip had found online.

However, Blake turned out to be a hot, female tear who had slept with her student. The group fell apart, but Lip was still convinced that she was a sexual predator and set out to prove it. Lip went back to Blake's and asked to trim her hedges.

While there, he pretended to be younger and sexually inexperienced. It wasn't long before Blake offered to teach him.

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She got his pants down and applied Nair to his nether regions, explaining that she needed him smooth like a baby and followed up with a hummer.

That night Lip's girlfriend, Mandy Milkovich saw his baby smooth groin, which led Lip to explain what happened.

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