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However, higher ups in Henrico County School Board and administration found comprehensive education on structural discrimination to be too much.

They banned the video, called it 'racially divisive,' apologized to the community, and indicated that, "It is our goal to prevent the recurrence of this type of event.

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By 'type of event,' I can only assume the board and administration seek to prevent any future Black History Month programming. The school board and administration reaction is very problematic, particularly given it is the same district with schools named in honor of racist Confederates such as former Governor and U. Senator Harry F. Byrd Sr. and former Governor Mills Godwin, who, for example, helped lead the fight against school desegregation in defiance of Brown v. Board of Education.

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The Henrico County School Board and administration promoted censorship reminiscent of book banning that we see playing out in jurisdictions such as Arizona that are the strongholds of racial intolerance. Dozens of books were banned in in Tucson, Arizona, after tears created a Mexican-American Studies Program to educate local students on their history.

this rather good

The National Association for Ethnic Studiesthe organization I lead, is hosting its 44th Annual Conference in Tucson this month exactly for those reasons. Like the structural racism video, the Mexican-American Studies Program was labeled divisive.

The Civil Rights Movement was called divisive. Martin Luther King, Jr. was called divisive. Brown v.

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Board of Education was called divisive. The list goes on. But, what is truly divisive in American society are the ways in which rampant inequalities continue to shape life chances for people living in this country.

Race and class concerns are a reality in American society and they are deeply intertwined. If we don't introduce our youth to this reality, they will grow up unable to see the foundations on which systemic inequality is actually built.

Would we believe the best way to protect our environment from its continuing effects would be to ignore it?

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Such an idea is not only silly, it's seriously negligent to miseducate our society about our own history as a nation. The fact is America's legacy of racism should make us uncomfortable. High Schools should teach students about structural racism. But, that is not happening.

Five million public school students in Texas now use new social studies textbooks based on state academic standards that barely address racial segregation. The state's guidelines for teaching American history also do not mention the Ku Klux Klan or Jim Crow laws.

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Slavery is presented as a "side issue to the Civil War. In Virginia, the Commonwealth's Board of Education Standards of Learning promotes a similar shockingly limited view on race in Virginia and American history. This is the type of exposure to race that students in Henrico County, Virginia received prior to my Black History Month program invitation. Hence, it is not surprising, that given the lack of curricular content on race, the school board and administration chooses to revert to the comfortable position of censorship : "School leaders have been instructed not to use the video in our schools.

apologise, but, opinion

In addition, steps are being taken to prevent the use of racially divisive materials in the future. Meanwhile, they aren't alone. Simpson, Kid Rock, James Brown, the mighty Funkbrothers, Al not so Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Malcom X, Kanye West, Fifty Cent and pretty much every black rapper and hip hopper on earth, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, a few thousand NBA, NFL, MLB sports stars, legions of famous and not so famous musicians, actors, politicians, media personalities and assorted celebrities of every color, creed, ethnicity and walk of life, along with a few million others around the world who have used and continue to use the word nigger at one time or another.

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The dishonest referencing of the word by its first letter is the epitome of political correctness gone mad. Fuhrman, who is now a Fox News contributorwas an LAPD homicide detective on the O. Simpson murder case.

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