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Everybody has this stuff, Mom. I fantasize about you watching me jack off. It's weird, but it's there. My take is that you've abandoned trying to recover from what happened and are just finding ways to use it.

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to get yourself off. All right, then. Stand up. Mom gets off my lap and faces me, arms at her sides, in some sort of address position. I get the picture. From my sitting position I have a lovely view of my mother's bald vulva. She subtly shifts her feet to spread herself.

I like it.

I let the silence flow as I gaze and think about what I'm going to say next. Now that we both know what these sex games are really about, I'll play along. I'll help you pretend to be a bad girl and yes, I'll have some fun myself. But let's not be weird about it. Rub your pussy for me. Mom puts wedding-banded left hand between her legs and slips a finger between her pretty lips, massaging her clitoris.

My cock is immediately throbbing for action. I pull down the waistband of my shorts and tug it under my nutsack, exposing my hard cock and balls to her.

Mom's eyes fixate on my fuckstick and her breathing gets deep and heavy. I start jacking my cock and well, you know I'm 19 and my Mom's diddling herself right in front of me. It's awesome to masturbate while she wats, though, so I try to hold off myself. My orgasm takes me suddenly and my face must be showing it, because Mom says "Come in my mouth. The cum feels like its being extracted from me as she sucks hard and swallows.

I'm amazed at the bliss. It's so much better than the use-and-abuse stuff we were doing yesterday. Mom's happy too, lovingly kissing and cleaning my rod after I'm done.

So I lead her by the hand to the picture window that faces the street. When the third one comes, then you get to come as well. I sidle up behind her and rub her red bottom gently as she masturbates.

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It's a long way from our house to the road, and yeah, I've played this game with myself and my dick a few times. Back to rubbing that clit. Will you spread and show them your wide open cunt?

Like you did with the pizza guy? Car number two is the neighbor across the street. Mom's wriggling and trying to crouch so I slap her hard on her sore, freshly spanked ass. The neighbor is innocuously pulling into the garage, oblivious to what's happening across the street. Hey, maybe it's the wife of the neighbor Mom supposedly fucked. Mom's got both hands on her vulva, holding herself open and thrusting at the window as the neighbor's garage door closes behind their car.

For now let's get you off. Just one more car to go. You can finger your hole, if it's not too sore. She's making quiet, wet noises with her ministrations, surely for my benefit. It's a long wait for car number three so I pass the time by rubbing my dick in between her butt eks. I'm going to use all of your holes, whenever I please. That's what you want, isn't it? Suddenly car number three rolls up and its Dad's BMW swerving into the driveway.

The drive's a lot closer than the street or the neighbor's driveway and yes, he sees Mom in the window when he gets out of the car. Dad walks up the path toward the front door, stops in front of the window and grins crazily. He cocks his head to pretend to get a better look at what Mom is doing.

But he knows. One of her tits has flopped out from behind her apron. So I grab it and bounce it up and down for Dad's amusement. COVID RESOURCES. LIT CAMS Free Tokens ADULT TOYS VOD MOVIES. Log In Sign Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! My Mom's a Submissive Slut Pt. Story info. fisting exhibitionism spanking bdsm masturbation forced masturbation incest mother and son.

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Click here. stratoblaster 15 Stories. Accepted the horrible slut that his mother was. And now her tummy was doing flips in anticipation and dread of what would happen this day. A little squeak escaped from Carol's mouth before she bit her lower lip in fear.

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Not a peep. I know she's there. She's hella horny, that's clear enough.

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Out there rubbin' her nubbin' like a nympho. I let that hang in the air and finally say, "Bad girl. The sensation is magnificent. Bang on, Rebecca. it's uhhh.

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mmy c-cuuuunt. Say it louder. The fist does some more mashing on her namesake and then I say: "Use your hands and show me what you are. So I ask her. Reunion A mother's naughty reunion trip caught on camera.

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No I can't let him, he's my son, this is so wrong!!! I barely heard my whisper.

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Why didn't I scream this out. Why didn't I jump off this damn bike? My mind was confused and drugged from the alcohol I drank. My body on the other hand wanted more attention. I was looking into his eyes, and he was looking into mine as his hands untied both sides of my bikini bottom. Why didn't I stop him? With my feet on both foot pegs of the bike, and my legs spread open, he read out and hooked his finger under the material right at my pussy.

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I shivered with excitement as I felt his finger touch my pussy lips. The touch was very brief as he pulled the material off of me.

Without realizing it, I lifted my ass slightly off the seat so he could pull them from under me. He stepped back looking at me. His eyes peeled to my crotch. I could barely breathe, my legs were trembling, and I could feel my pussy juices running out of my pussy and down to the bike seat below. you are so wet down there" He said as if he was looking at something for the first time in his life.

My mind was in turmoil. I let my son see my pussy, my wet pussy. I was letting him take pictures of me that could be in an x rated magazine. Slutty pictures of his mom. God there was this SLUT word, why did it turn me on so much? He was standing there looking like a little boy about to get a treat. I felt my body build up to a powerful orgasm, I couldn't stop it, I was about to cum in front of my son.

I lifted my legs up and bent them at my knees.

A mom & tear just can't let go of her fantasy. Making new friends and self discovery. A mom and son hide secrets, and there are consequences. Abby and Mom enjoy Vegas. Spencer discovers his mom's sexy secret and has a dilemma. and other exciting erotic stories at haveaheartwashoe.com! "Please Mom" My mind was in turmoil. I let my son see my pussy, my wet pussy. I was letting him take pictures of me that could be in an x rated magazine. Slutty pictures of his mom. God there was this SLUT word, why did it turn me on so much?

I spread my knees apart and brought them to my st. I could only assume my son was now looking at my asshole. My god my asshole.

Their mother's ating disturbs Adam and Alexis. Son forces himself on his mother after they move. Anthology of three mothers who fuck their sons. New players enter the game - with new excitements. Matthew tries to embarrass his Mom. and other exciting erotic stories at haveaheartwashoe.com! Making my mom perpartner's sonal slut Arts And Sex Crafts. k 88 8min - p. I Love My Mom So Much That I Wanna Make Her Cum. k 88 8min - p. Jerky Wives. Busty slut Blonde Milf Mom is a Hooker and Wants Young Cock Now - Vanessa Vixon. k 99 26min - p. mature mom Carol Hallihan, wife and mother for over half her nearly 40 years, listened to the sound of her husband's car leaving for work. Her son, James, was upstairs in his room

I closed my eyes as I felt my body shudder. The powerful feeling was overtaking all of my senses, making me scream.

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I actually heard someone moaning and realized that it was me. Spreading my legs wide I held on as one of the biggest orgasms washed over me. It was longer than usual, taking several minutes from it's apex to the moment I actually could open my eyes and breathe. I saw Tommy looking down at me, his camera in his hands. As soon as he saw me open my eyes, as if waking up, he started snapping more pictures.

My legs were shaking, I felt cum ozzing out of my pussy and running down to my asshole and than dripping down to the seat below. I was a mess. Holding on to the bike with one hand I read down and felt my clit and pussy lips with my fingers. I felt my clit was enlarged and my lips swollen. Snap, snap, snap.

Slutty mom stories

My son just wouldn't let up. I couldn't hold on any longer.

He knew I meant it. Quietly he put his camera down and grabbed my hand. Holding on to him I swung my leg over and slipped off the bike.

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I landed right in his arms, weak from the orgasm. I felt his hand on my ass as he was holding me up. He slid his other hand down and grabbed both of my ass eks. I felt his fingers digging deeper into my ass crack.

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I left the garage and went up to my bedroom. My mind was in turmoil, thinking of what I have done, of how different the relationship with my son has now become. The quilt was tugging at my brain, but the memory of the most intoxicating orgasm was so much stronger. I rolled up in a ball falling asleep in my bed. The next few days I felt pretty guilty for permitting the incident to happen. How could I have done this?

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I kept asking myself. After all, I was the parent, I was the adult. I've broken the trust we have had between us. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I took the opportunity when no one was home but me and Tommy. I had a modest blouse on that buttoned up the front; with top two buttons undone, revealing some of my cleavage.

My husband didn't even notice that this morning. We were sitting at the kitn table beside each other. His eyes were constantly wondering to my cleavage and tits making me exited from the attention he was paying them. Just the fact that someone was looking at me in that way was exiting.

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but I can see I mean imagine that they're great but I would really like to take pictures of them Mom I was surprised at how up front he was. I didn't know what to say, but I knew that I needed to take his mind off of my body. My body on the other hand reacted as soon as he said tits and pictures. My pussy quivered and started getting so moist. Why didn't I tell him NO!

He was still looking at my tits and I saw his tongue come out to wet his lips. I felt perspiration on my neck and brow. This wasn't going how I have planned. I wanted to break this crazy fetish off and here I was about to let him take more pictures of me.

He came back downstairs in a hurry holding the camera and positioning himself in front of me, on his knees, ready to take the pictures. What harm could that do, I thought to myself.

I unbuttoned another button reviling more of my cleavage. Looking down I saw that the globes of my tits were showing. My son now positioned himself low on the floor, almost laying down. From this angle he could probably see up my skirt.

I kept my knees together just in case, looking down at him.

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I liked that response, I liked the fact that he loved taking pictures of me. I leaned back enjoying the attention. I could feel my body getting warm, and pussy moist.

I could tell that those words stirred up excitement in my son. I looked down at the obvious bulge in his pants, amazed at the size. God, he must be pretty big, I thought licking my lips.

Come on Mom I need these pictures" He pleaded. I separated my blouse to the point that the edges of the material were held on my tits only by my very erect nipples, giving my son a view down the middle of my st and my full globes. I looked back at him, my lips dry and my heart pounding in my st.

I spread my hands wide on the table leaning back.

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